Apollo inserts himself into the girls’ training. He knows he gets easy snacks doing whatever tricks they’re working on. Soleil and Ophelia don’t like the attention taken off them, though.

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    15 replies to "Show 'Em How it's Done | Apollo the African Grey"

    • Bobby Brooks

      The girl has this guy figured out and trained, she just doesn't listen to him

    • Lois Fox

      You are true avian folk! Nice way to live your best life!

    • Huahai Shen

      they are so eager to learn. Haha, even with mouths full!

    • Mackthis Arrowhearth

      "Want a snack"
      "Want a pistachio?"
      "I am at your command!"

    • Six birds in a trenchcoat

      So cute! Those are some big nut pieces for the little caiques! 😂

    • MegKnightus

      He's so smart. They all are. Amazing birbs

    • buggiesmile

      I’m so impressed that the girls know their names

    • Alexanne Stone

      It is pointless but so fun to watch. Love these guys!

    • Rex Wu

      Your birds do wonders for my anxiety. Thank you so much

    • Tr

      I love how patient they are with Apollo and the changes he is going through. He's so beautiful and intelligent. Respect, much love.

    • Spirit Matter

      Those snack bits are too big. Break them in half! Also, it’s easier for birds to literally step up rather than down or same level. Thanks for this. All 3 are so cute.

    • ferretyluv

      She looks and sounds like a teacher.

    • Carol Z

      I’ve watched enough of these now to where I do big bird when you ask and wait for the click. I’ll take a pass on the pistachio though and hope for a cookie.

    • Ffourteen

      Can they fly? I think I'd rather watch a video of birds flying.

    • Tj Marz

      I taught my pup the term big puppy to get her to stand up on her hind legs or at least sit on her booty and raise her front paws above her.

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