Scout Journey from the end of last year to now.

    3 replies to "Scout the Caique Parrots Journey on Plucking Feathers"

    • Angie Macs lil mites an more

      I'm having this problem with my male caquie,I too this is hormonal,it's July here right now..😭

    • Kandace Heimer

      We have a male black headed caique who is 18 years old. He lives in Texas. He is a plucker. He grew up with our sun conure, Mango, but she passed away two years ago. Our vet said it was hormonal because mango was a female but now it has become a habit. He’s healthy but he has become aggressive towards my husband. He chasing him around the kitchen ready to bite. He attacked my granddaughter’s friend who was visiting our house. Now he only likes my granddaughters and me. Our family call him “TeeKee, the Terminator.” We love your videos and so does TeeKee.

    • Susie Lopez fan of HHN freak

      Cute cacique I want a caique parrot

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