9 replies to "Sarah the talking Caique II"

    • JoozdontliketheTruth

      Has her human trained well.

    • xLeo 1955

      Love the colors of alot of different breeds, my conure had these tail feathers that were amazing.

    • DRL

      So cute 🥰🥰🥰

    • Stephen Harding

      Wow!! My Caique mimics whistles and tunes but no talking. I got him for the playful attitude and how they tend to bond to the whole family and not just one person. Talking isn't high on the priority list for me but this is so so so cool!

    • Jennifer McNeil

      Gosh just take her down stairs!!! 🤣🥰 I’m getting my male and I want him to talk how did you do it?! She’s such a great talker and a very pretty Burd!!

    • Chris Stuffel

      I see this is an older post, but do you still have her?

    • Karma Akabane

      He sound like budgie when talking

    • june deshaw

      sweet voice so cute

    • Debbie Hubbard

      That's the kind of voice that you hear behind you while walking down the stairs to a darkened basement.

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