Puffman Caique Hops It Off With A Tennis Ball.
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    5 replies to "Puffman Caique Hops It Off With A Tennis Ball #shorts"

    • Lois. M Epstein

      Very cute. Love a puffy hopping but in th
      e end it was Baby w
      no got the ball. Love them.

    • Nitzy Black

      I just love his bounce 😄 He looks like a wind up toy ❤️
      April, check your PO box. There's been something there since January towards VC's medical bills 🙏. I'm also getting ready soon to place an order for my (Chucky) feathered guy 🤦

    • jen l

      Pogo stick puffman lol

    • Rescue 🦜

      So glad to see Puffman n Baby together after a long time! How active n happy Puffman is 🦜❤️😍🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️👋🏻

    • Parrotlet schmidt

      Puffman is such a funny guy 😆😍💖

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