Puffman Caique Parrot Attacks Victoria Cockatoo! It’s crucial to consider the behavior and needs of any bird before bringing them into your bird room. Puffman Caique is a prime example of a parrot that can be adorable but also require careful supervision and management. Not all parrots get along with other birds. It’s important to be aware that parrots, like humans, can have personality traits and tendencies that are not always apparent at first glance. Doing research and consulting with experts can help ensure that you are providing a safe and healthy environment for your pet parrot.


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    9 replies to "Puffman Caique Attacks Victoria Cockatoo"

    • Mark Adams

      Me watching the video… "I'm just fine with budgies."😅

    • Pippa_and_Petrie

      Puffman the shark 🤣🤣🤣🦜🙈

    • Annmarie Banta

      I think he is jealous. Do you give him the same attention as the rest?

    • Jan Kelley

      Caiques have no idea of their size. They are the chihuahuas of the bird world!😂 But, we love them. We have 9! They all get along. They are our little terrorists!😂 Puffy has become really jealous of VC. Does VC get upset by him?

    • Hazel B

      I get the idea jealousy may have a lot to do his behaviour. They really are like children. My GCC and IRN behalf the same, its even worse when hormones are in the mix.

    • Tara H.

      The music 😂

    • Granny Sharp

      I didn’t realize how tense I was until it ended. Then I exhaled. Sheesh.

    • Umbrellatoo

      That’s exactly what our Goffin does to my poor Brella. Nutbars honest to gosh! Yes to the Jaws music!!

    • Susan Munoz

      This was so funny!! I had a little squirt like him and he would chase me and try to bite my toes, then throw his head back and laugh as I screamed and then we started all over again 😂

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