Puffin is the White Bellied Caique (the orange head) while Tango is the Green Cheek Conure. They have been best buddies for 3 years. Shot on Canon 70D. Music Credit: “Begin (feat. Wales)” by Shallou

    5 replies to "Puff N Tang – White Bellied Caique & Green Cheek Conure"

    • Danielle

      Aww the Caique is perfect and there's little conure over there with those pin feathers, but he's constantly preening his Caique buddy. Please caique, preen your buddy back. He could use it.

    • DysfunctionalGamer

      The one dislike is from someone jealous of their love

    • Tony Anderson

      Cuddlesome creatures. <3

    • MrNudlicka

      Did caique clean conure too? Cos in this video only conure clean caique feathers. I ponder to buy caique to my conure as a friend, but Im not sure.

    • Fromala2u

      Your conure is a male for sure in case you didn't already know lol. I raise both Caiques and conures and male conures once mature behave in a particular way. Not completely sure on the caique, but would guess female. Beautiful video.

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