Here is the top 10 beginner parrots parakeets conures and other birds I recommend! Pros and cons, prices, and some more general information for beginner parrot owners to get you started in your research for the right parrot that fits your lifestyle! Keep in mind, these are simply my recommendations and I’m sure many others have different species they recommend. Thats why I ask all of you here on the birb squad to help beginner parrot owners out with zero judgement! Remember, we were all beginners once so lets help as many people as possible with their potential parrots!

Also note, that just because I list these top 10 parrots for beginners, doesn’t mean each and every one of them is right for you. This video is set as a guide and parrots that are generally easier for beginners to handle. Find the one from this list (or others mentioned in the comments) that you are interested in and sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle. Then begin your extensive research for more info on the species! Who knows, you may find your forever companion parrot thats right for the both of you πŸ™‚

Anyway, I hope you birbs enjoy this super long video! Grab you and your birb a snack, relax, and lets talk about beginner parrots!

Thank you all again on the birb squad for being so supportive and kind to others. In such a toxic world that live in, its nice to be a part of a community where we all can learn and laugh together with as little judgment as possible.

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1. Finches and Canaries
2. Budgies
3. Bourke’s Parakeets
4. Doves
5. Parrotlets and Lovebirds
6. Cockatiels
7. Green Cheeks and Dusky
8. Meyer’s Parrots
9. Caiques
10. Pionus

CHECK OUT LOVE OF PETS AND HER BOURKE’S PARAKEETS VIDEOS!! She has quite a few of them but here are a couple to get you started if you’re interested in Bourke’s.

Here is Love of Pets Bourke’s Playlist

Rosey Bourke Parakeets as Pets | Living with Rosey Bourke Parakeets | Species Spotlight

Bourke Parakeet Cage Set up and Cage Tour

Hope you all enjoy the video! Thank you so much for always supporting one another. Its refreshing to be a part of community that can be so kind and passionate about birbs πŸ™‚


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    19 replies to "Pros and Cons of These Top 10 Beginner Parrots | Parakeets, Conures, Parrots, and More!"

    • @JaySpecimen

      Looking to get my first birb. Looking into adopting a green cheek. What exactly does nippy mean? Haha

    • @CuteFunnyAnimalsTV-yk7hb

      its possible to have lovebirds and parrotlets?

    • @dentrout9383

      What are budgies?

    • @jewgirl952

      I just got a Bourke Parakeet about a month ago. They seem to take a long time to acclimate. Tomorrow I am getting a young dove and hopefully they will become friends. There's a website of a person who has a Bourke Parakeet along with three ringneck doves, and they get along fine.

    • @Monej82

      I chose a Maximillian Pionus as my first parrot and mine talk. And they are amazing birds❀❀❀

    • @lindawilson8154

      My blue headed pionus talked an unexpected amount for such a quiet bird. Among a few other things, he would say "wait wait wait" because I also two dogs πŸ˜‚ and "HI Petunia" because that's how I greeted him ("she" came with that name and was later DNA tested.)

    • @fenvanmaanen

      I'm so glad to hear the nippiness subsides. Mine is still pretty nippy at 1yr 4 months

    • @loveistheanswer5924

      Green cheek conures and cockatiels have approximately the same life span right?

    • @SayiedKadri-xt9sd

      ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀love. U. R. Pats.. And. Have.❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

    • @macawlovers1964

      I would love a hyacinth macaw but they’re now over $20,000 today. Even my GCC was REDUCED 50% to $400. Bird prices have gone insane and I don’t understand. WHYYYYY couldn’t I have gotten my birds 10 yrs ago?!

    • @annettehenry2083

      Can somebody tell me what the parrot on the perch is please ?.

    • @bayoulafourche

      One more thing, Hyacinth Macaws are truly beautiful and I handled one in a bird store in San Diego. Loved it to pieces. Im 5'9" and was very thin back then so my wrists were small. Theyre really too big for your shoulder. the one i handled was very gentle, but didnt want to let me go. Im an experienced parrot handler but really wasnt prepared for the size and stubbornness of this hyacinth. I would get him back on his perch and before i could blink, his beak was around my wrist, completely. Step up on my left hand, then lets go of my wrist. This went on for several minutes. I was pretty embarrassed and im not comfortable disciplining a 5k bird thats not mine, if its even possible. I had to call for help because i needed to go. Just the size of them is impressive.

    • @bayoulafourche

      My first parrot was an african ringneck. Great talkative bird.

    • @Xielalikesranting

      i actually have a tamed canary he always wants my attentions he loves evryone but it is rare to get a canary like this well i got lucky in my case

    • @Doc935

      I like your hair purple

    • @Doc935

      Hi I am a girl I Am 22 Which are your preferred parrot breeds for a beginner I'm looking for a boy, a black and red parrot, and my parrot lot talk I had two dogs I am the most part and on who stays home with and plays with my dogs ato dogs on walking and watch movies and I make YouTube videos and You do like Red and black cockatoo for a beginner?

    • @SilleIN

      Definitely don’t agree with caiques. They get very territorial once mature and always food protective.

      To date the only parrot I’ve seen attack a much larger parrot with no forewarning.

      Also NEVER a hyacinth macaw near children. They are for the most part gentle, but they are playful and a playful nip will sever a child finger.

    • @mel98

      you should go into alot more detail about the caiques aggression. its not like they just bite. they hunt u down from diff floor of the house fly at ur face and twist with no warning. they could be just fine then u ask em do any thing they dont want to and ur risking blood shed. they dont like to be told no. i love mine he is great but 80% them rehomed b4 there 2nd bday.

    • @blindpanthervlogs

      When budgies talk, they do it really well. I’m talking right up there with African grays and Amazons especially when it comes to clarity.

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