Apollo wrestling with his sisters Soleil & Ophelia. Who knew parrots played like this

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    26 replies to "Proof Dinosaurs Wrestled 🤔"

    • jacking the black thing

      Oh my goodness Apollo is rolling over like a Caique now!

    • Dovla Cro

      What violent fight. Grey parrot have already tail covered with blood. 😂😂😂

    • jojo canon

      This is the Cutest. Thing. Ever.

    • Arthur C.

      Well, now I wish I was a bird and join them on the fun. Lovely little creatures. They are so delicate yet so full of life.

    • thenaturalist3147

      Adorable wrestling session! 😍

    • Yvonne Livernois

      Parrots can kill each other with a single bite from those beaks. One bite can remove parts. Birds do not have a large blood supply and they don't clot fast enough to save their life.

      This looks cute, but is too risky.

    • Quarter Life Crisis Studio

      Of course the casques started it

    • MultiDane007


    • Zachary's Gacha Club

      How do they not get their eyes pecked out?

    • Christine Jarrett


    • Random Guy

      Can't they damage each other's eyes with beak or claws?

    • Lois. M Epstein

      Love watching them play together without jealousy. Apollo is so gentle. I think they will always be loving to each other. Their owner makes sure of this.

    • DoodleTheAlien

      I've never seen birds play fight like this before and its so cute 💖💗💖💗💖💗💖

    • A K

      My goal is to wear your skin so I can live among these birds in your stead

    • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

      Parrot playtime is very amusing.

    • Queen_Kleb

      Their brains are so smooth, I love them

    • Steve Matthews

      🥰 Om goodness they're sooo adorable

    • Cordon Grouch

      Biting each other's butts is wrestling?

    • Kapu Pa

      Hilarious fun happy healthy dinos!

    • videovuer

      Burd fun! Are they purring??

    • Lisa Mccarter

      Ahh ok, I was wondering what dinosaurs did for fun😂😁

    • Dethikah

      I must admit this reminds me of the climax scene in Jurassic Park with the T-Rex vs the 2 velociraptors at the end of the movie 😆

    • lastpokemon

      birds or cats?

    • Fanny Campbell

      So sweet!! 🥰🥰

    • Floppy Chicken

      I love when birds lay like this. They all just having so much fun and letting me watch in amazement

    • S. Crawford

      Such a happy little family. Looking forward to new words and tricks in the new year. ♥️

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