Want to learn to Potty Train your parrot? Here’s the easy method to do it.

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    13 replies to "Potty Training Your Parrot FAST"

    • Five's A Flock with Coro

      What else would you like to train your parrot to do?

    • Makeda Selasse

      A question, will the parrot eventually, on its own, when it has to relieve itself, take itself to where it is instructed to relive itself, then return. Much like we go to the rest room?

    • Linda

      Thanks for this information, and all of your helpful videos.

    • IdaCecilia Vesterlund

      I'm wondering if putting going potty on cue is really necessary? I don't have any experience with parrots (thinking about getting one), but I have trained other animals and I'm wondering if it isn't more practical to just bring the bird to the right place at the right time and then reward when they go potty there without saying anything? That way, wouldn't they learn to just go there when they need to without you having to tell them to, minimizing the risk of you forgetting to tell them so they go on you instead? Also, I asked about potty training parrots in a Facebook group recently and was told that it was bad for them because some birds then only ever do it if you tell them to and risk getting sick for not going often enough. Even if you don't have that issue with your birds, wouldn't one avoid the risk of creating that problem if the behavior is rewarded but not put on cue? Am I making sense? Or does it just not work like that with parrots?

    • Brian Anuvattanachai

      One question I have is wouldn't saying the phase "Go Potty" over and over again kill the que? I heard that constant repetition can make birds ignore it as background noise.

    • Nathan Engelmann

      I am planning on getting a caique from Omar's Exotic Birds around mid June and was wondering if you got your caique from there and if you did or didn't how much did it cost?

    • Aundria Symone

      what are you thoughts on if the parrot learns that it can only go on your command, wouldn't that cause problems?

    • alfredo Rodrigues

      Hello my friend I am thinking on getting a green cheek conure my question is that is best to get one from a pet shop or a breeder or off someone whom is selling theirs much appreciated thanks

    • Ctougas01

      I have a green cheek conure and sometimes even if it's obvious she has to go, she won't do it where I asked her to, but other times, she will do it immediatly. Sometimes she just acts like a kid that doen't want to go and runs away to poop elsewhere hahaha it's pretty funny, but after 6 months, she clearly knows where to do it but she still tries to run away.
      We have 3 spots (3 perches) for her, even a fourth one directly on the floor, but even with positive reenforcement she still tries to run away. What should I do?

    • Rebecca

      Potty training your parrot has been known to cause prolapse. Many vets recommend against this.

    • Jamil Saif Khan

      Hey. I have tamed my new lovebird. Her age is 8 to 9 months. But I couldnt train her to potty. How can I do this??Give me advice.

    • Katie Fabian

      Who else is watching this that doesn't have a bird (but loves these videos)?

    • Donna Anderson

      What birds travel well on an RV?

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