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Potty training is Not a Big deal as expecting.
The thing is you need to be patient…

How to do Potty Training?!!!
*Caique parrot always try to poo poo once soon after taking it out of its cage , so utilize this chance for potty training.
Soon after taking her out of the cage run to the toilet.
First few days she wont know what is happening around, but while u feed her with her best treat after poo poo she will memorize that while doing this she gets the treat. Here you go… so she too will entertain and follow that activity.
*Make sure u give the treat as soon as she poo poo.
*Try to use the same toilet while training.
*Training may take almost 2 weeks minimum, so be patient.

General Tip:
*If u are planning to Record a Video for your bird for any tricks, please remember to make her familiar with your Mobile, Camera, Mono Pod, Tri Pod etc while training the trick itself. Because all of a sudden on the last day if you show her the devises which are not familiar to her, she may get scared or she may be curious, which may end up with a bad result for your efforts.
*We are seeing many videos of Bird Tricks in the YouTube. The important part is to Keep a Trust on your bird that your bird too can do this. Please don’t judge your bird before you put your effort.

Thanks a keep in touch for more Fun and Tips…

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