Another reason we got Caiques is because we thought they’d be more outgoing and help Apollo to be less scared of new things. This is not the case.
Will keep updates on how bowling training goes.

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Apollo the talking African Grey parrot and Soleil and Ophelia the Caiques Bowling Game Training

    14 replies to "Parrots Try Bowling"

    • Meyos Dominguez


    • Gabe The Babe

      It’s like taking your younger siblings trick or treating at the scary house on the block

    • Mega Mato

      I wonder what bothers them so much.

    • neuropathos

      One of the caiques flew a little. Is that a new development?

    • child of cascadia

      Apollos going "ooh, some kind of new pistach Ive never seen before….now how do I crack it open?"

    • Virgil Woods

      I love the preview images or whatever they’re called

    • Goldy

      The thumbnail is horrifying I hate it

    • Amirul Khairul

      Can u bring ur parrot to graveyard? Because there is hadith that animals can hear dead people

    • debish vebish wish

      Apollo is not scared this time 😂😂

      But he is so much scared of the new perch in the beginning (now he’s totally fine).

    • H Ansari

      It’s funny that the caiques were unfazed by the perch but so skeptic of the bowling pins and Apollo is the opposite!

    • T O

      Your giving attack on titian vibes

    • charlie

      love that apollo shoved the whole thing in his mouth for a second 😂😂

    • Buzzcutbob

      Soleil swooping in as Apollo picked up the pin was adorable

    • Accalya

      Like your first day at highschool. Apollo is one of those students in their exam years 😆

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