It took a while, but Apollo has finally started to get the hang of playing with Soleil & Ophelia.

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    17 replies to "Parrot Wrestling Match"

    • Siddich

      why did you stopp it. we all want a big non grey baby apollo 😛

    • Jason Net

      The new Jurassic Park movie looks great!!

    • G

      Apollo is holding back his true power

    • Lois Fox

      We call it fighsing! Birds fighsing!

    • Randy Marsh

      that's a cork

    • Shay Ahrens

      They are so sweet and gentle together but i love that you guys pay so much attention to know to separate them when they get "too excited". Thanks for being such great bird owners 😊

    • 0721213037

      Awesome 😂

    • Michigan MTB

      We have an African grey and a green cheek conure. The GCC want to be friends but our African grey (female) is a bully and hurt him twice and now we are too scared to try again 😢. This would be awesome

    • Dane Smith

      literally one of the best videos on the internet right now, that made my day

    • Gena

      lil bird karate kicks.

    • Abigél Fekete

      Post more of this this is entertaining and cute!!!!

    • H Ansari

      Does Apollo think he is a slightly oversized and somewhat monochrome caique? 😂 I have never seen an African Grey play like that!

    • Hologram 47

      Why did u stop the fight ? That could violent ?

    • Anne Haight

      * Apollo barfs *

      Hold on there, Romeo.

    • uabir

      This birb on birb violence has to stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Xboxroadhogmain

      "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"

    • Star Jelly

      Super Smash Birds

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