In this video I am teaching my two caique parrots, Icarus and Daedalus, to put their heads through the head loop on their harness voluntarily.

They have been wearing these harnesses for three years now, and will tolerate having them put on but certainly don’t enjoy it. I wanted to make it into a fun game for them and make it a more voluntary process. Here are some of the steps in my training plan.

    5 replies to "Parrot Harness Training: The Head Loop"

    • Bilquis Wadoodi

      Beautiful Caiques. Do they share a cage? Do you notice a difference between the Black Headed and the White Bellied Caiques? You are doing a great job with your birds.

    • Steffaklumpen

      What a great video, i love seeing people take the time to harness train properly. Well done! 🙂

    • Peace & Love

      very cool birds and how you train them……I have a lovebirds that I would like to try use a her too 😉

    • Rob Wilkes

      how did u do and and how long did it take

    • Caroline Moore

      @blk3000gtvr4 I believe they are extra-smalls. I went by the weight chart on the Parrot University website. If you order one for a caique, ask for one with a large head loop, since caiques have big heads compared to other birds in their weight range.

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