Caique ( par blue mutation)

    15 replies to "Par blue Black headed Caique"

    • goofball

      dang that's beautiful

    • Future Free Fliers

      Hello! I'm not in Australia but I'm curious about this mutation's average price. I will hopefully get a normal bhc in a couple of years but I'm a blue caiques lover 🙂
      They aren't bred in my country but I've always thought they are pretty expensive.

    • Jose Paneque

      Hola buenas tardes soy José me gustaría saber como puedo conseguir una pareja de estos caique me podrías alludar

    • teresa

      It’s so unique! It’s wings are blue never seen one like that before

    • Rinko Bijholt

      how can buy this one?

    • MK AY

      may i know how can i get one.

    • P

      Wow that parrot is soo cute💙

    • Kim Berly

      Beautiful! How do you get these colors? Black head mating with white head… maybe🤷🏽‍♀️

    • wedontwhy

      I've never seen a blue caique before

    • Jaroslav Zappe

      No to je nádhera, úžasné 👍👍👍

    • Water Melon

      Wow so beautiful 😍 I've never seen them in this color. I just bought a white bellied and I'm in love with his colors but this one you have is so gorgeous.


      Will you ever sell some

    • aryam alamri

      the caique isn't just green and yellow?

    • Sunnysoul

      Where did you get this little guy? he is so cute just curious I am a parrot owner as well and I am fascinated with these little guys color mutations.

    • Katrin Linz

      Are these caiques breed without inzest?
      Beautiful Bird

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