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Our little Dino loves taking showers in the sink! Enjoy 🙂

    27 replies to "Our White Bellied Caique Dino loving a shower"

    • Stony Rerootkit

      I would Prefer to shower with Petra Kaliak💣💝🔥👿🐺💒

    • قبول البلوي

      تافه 🌳👑

    • Canto Canário Belga

      Very cool this bird,congratulations👍👍

    • genius genius

      Hola Camilo,que edad tiene el caique?

    • Lass-in Angeles

      What a cutie! Loves the water, so droll!
      Why not put the sprayer on and swing tap away from drain.

    • itallbeginsattheend

      So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Robert Langley

      What a joy, he’s marvelous. Wonder if he would enjoy the waterfall better if it was turned down just a little to lessen pressure.

    • aron canapa

      Birds are the best animals ever

    • Emily Hope


    • Lucky The parrot

      Is the water warm?

    • dead account read about page

      My bird is scared of water,if he was in there now he would have tried his best to escape

    • MoonlightEmbrace

      This fella knows how to properly maintain hygiene. Unlike 3/4 of the people I've seen this pandemic.

    • Adams Esquillo

      oh human where is my shampoo?

    • 1717jbs

      That little guy needs a shower curtain 😉

    • zegh8578

      Aww, my first budgie I named him Dino 😀 I had 3 in all, sometimes I'd disconnect the upper part of the cage, the bars, put it in the sink, and put lukewarm stream of water on, for the bird to run through, back and forth

      Afterwards I'd sniff deep whiffs of the freshly showered bird 😀

    • A Chad catboy

      He's like a kid at a water park 🙂

    • Leap Year

      Swimmin chicken

    • Elwood P. Dowd

      You're so skinny…

    • HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я

      See, this is what we tried to do but fail,

      Singing in the shower perfictly

    • Ruby

      That water pressure seems a little too rough for a bird, no hate though.

    • Adventures With Arman

      He is cuteeeeeee

    • Cheese Noodles

      Birds are the craziest little people.

    • Luxyamaninoni S

      Someone else getting nervious while hearing the tap water falling at the end when no one is using it? 🤣
      Poor people things I guess

    • Abi Ruiz

      I want one😭

    • RoseOfHizaki

      Clipped wings 🙁 – Its not as if these thicc boys have trouble flying anyway (they can fly. They arent very strong flyers cuz of floof & chonk)

    • An G's Feathered Friends

      Hunny are those dishes done yet?
      No, but the bird is!

    • Lubov 11


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