This is the story that’s taken me some time to tell. We lost our sweet Gigi to cancer last January 2023. It has been hard to look at photos and video of her until now. Gigi was one of the babies we raised back in 2010 and who I kept as my own. We have tons of baby videos of us raising her and her four siblings. She became one of the sweetest birds I’ve ever owned and losing her to cancer was terrible. She fought it bravely and along with our avian veterinarian, kept her going many good years that I am grateful for. I may share her story soon.

But for now, this is the love story that began after we lost Gigi. Baby Puffin hatched as a surprise only bird in March 2023. We also have a lot of videos of us raising her too.

    4 replies to "Our Caique parrot lost his first love but gained another #parrot #lovebirds #lovestory"

    • @lovebirdsdelight

      lovely story, nice short

    • @16SF

      So cute❤ I know sweet Gigi is smiling from the heavens

    • @jaielhuber7930

      Aww, that's so cute! I'm sorry you have lost Gigi 😢 but I'm glad poof and pooter came to love each other ❤

    • @joemomma1017

      This is so cute! Honored to be first

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