She’s doing her best and we love her for it.

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    21 replies to "Ophelia's Struggle 😔"

    • Just Summers

      I love how he concedes after his sister blasts him.

    • Layla Hawkins

      Sooo is no one going to talk about what Apolo said when picked up? To me, I heard "*blows raspberries* assholes"

    • Kiki Barrios

      The Apollo sandwich.

    • Ember

      you grab apollo? you grap apollo like big scoop of ice cream? jail for father for one thousand years!

    • Bianka Latoma

      Man they're just soooo cute like little fluffy dinosaurs. I can't get over their cuteness & sounds they make! I need cauqies & African Grey now!

    • GolemScholar

      Ophelia struggles with a cup
      Meanwhile: Bird fards as hooman picks them up like a moldy banana

    • Steph O

      Look at those yellow pants…love em

    • Iracema Sousa

      their chubby legs always gets me 😭

    • Cathy

      Ophelia gets hers then steals Solace’s (sorry abt the misspelling), too funny

    • SweptAshoreStudio

      Ophelia's a smart cookie. She retrieved her pumpkin seed and then decided to grab a piece of Soleil's rather than work on cracking hers open. 💡

    • Linda Mastriano

      Aww the angels. Are so sweet and àpollo. He kissing them. Very nice. Who could ask for anything more. Linda ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄

    • superbrownbrown

      Ophelia went all "Seagull Mine!" on Apollo at the beginning, so he was just "Whatever." and walked away. Smart guy. Apollo already knows the proper guy response when a woman is screeching at him unnecessarily. 😂

    • tosca donna

      Ophelia has no Hamlet in sight, yet there’s still a struggle.😂

    • Taking My Spirit Back

      they can do no wrong, everything is cute lol

    • Beverly Duchene

      I've always been a cat 🐈 person, and then I got a sweet little dog 🐕 . But watching all these bird 🐦 videos has got me wishing I was younger & healthier so I could have one 🦜 !

    • Siam

      You have such an amazing flock!!! Love them all ❤💜💕

    • Blueberry Juice

      So sweet sweet girl💘

    • Pepperoni Milkshake

      I love how Soleil just screamed at Apollo and he backed away, while Ophelia was just in the back being all shy

    • Meyos Dominguez


    • D B

      A birb tea party!

    • Spookyplaguedoctor

      You hold Apollo like the world's most talkative banana

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