Doing Ophelia’s physical therapy for her toe, while Apollo is very distracting in the back.

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    27 replies to "Ophelia's Physical Therapy"

    • pickles

      Apollo doing the crazy bird back there 💀

    • A T

      Aww, patient Ophelia

    • Zoyyp Studio

      why does she need therapy what happened? Just wondering?

    • periquitos samm😜😜


    • Kristie Marie

      She was so good lol. Tiny lol toe

    • M C

      Apollo is a scientist 😂❤

    • Ellen Hornick


    • Beggi Bob

      Clock, methoh

    • Racheal Johnston

      What happened to her?

    • Jehdo

      Apollo is just tweakin out in the background

    • Cynthia Tolman

      Therapy is so important. 😊♥️♥️

    • Linda Reiswig

      What happened to this sweet
      little baby?

    • Lupe Mtz


    • iris

      What's this?


      C L O C K… C L O C K 🗿

    • Digital Apex

      "What's this?"
      Proceeds to slam head into table.

    • Lolo Roses

      I must be behind on something. What happened to Ophelia?

    • Hacker kabal und popey

      I want a snack

    • Dagmar

      People who do these things with animals show how unconditional their love can be and I find it beautiful.

    • maelee borromeo

      Aww i noticed her little toe doesn't have a claw? Will it grow back?

    • Dante from devil may cry

      Apollo doing the crazy bird in the back

    • Ken Hinds

      I felt everything

    • davidca96

      Apollo in the background having fun

    • mark bolivar

      hhaha apollo stole the scene 😅

    • John C. Haines

      I love how Apollo is in the back asking “What’s This” and saying “Clock” lol he is learning a lot!

    • XYZ

      What happened to her toe?

    • Hamida Umar

      Omg is it hurt? Awww…… Meanwhile appolo playing back aide

    • BadGirl Hollywood

      I wish they’d just call it a cake bird

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