Working on recall training with Soleil and Ophelia, our White Belly Caique’s; within the bounds of them still being clipped.

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    19 replies to "Ophelia is a Bit Slow"

    • Sweet Trubble

      Looks like you'll have to clean up nut shells along with any bird poop. 🙄🤭

    • just B

      The sisters are so cute!!

    • ysmithriley

      But…what about Solei? 🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣

    • Arlene Krese

      Beautiful birds!🕊💖🤗🌷

    • Mohamed Maahil

      Apollo on the background "notification sound*"

    • Linda Reiswig

      Is it me but does anyone else
      thinks Dad is a Drill Sargent

    • Spirit Matter

      I’m sure that BirdTricks would tell you to reward with just 1/2 or even 1/4 of a pistachio. Also, stepping up is easier for the bird if she has to literally step up ⬆️, not down. Thanks for sharing these. The sisters are lovely. Lucky Apollo!

    • peekaboots01

      Beautiful birds! Ophelia is a cute name for that beauty. She's just cautious. Just give them a snack because. Jeez.

    • Ranjith Rajaram

      I think Apollo must be bullying them like calling them names..😛

    • Andrew Hume

      She was stepping really carefully like a human would at the edge of the Grand Canyon! Was she worried about falling or just too lazy to flap and fly 6 inches for one pistachio 😆

    • Alteria

      She needs at least 5treats and the promise of a new toy

    • Spoiled Splenden

      She'll get it soon.

    • Generic Internetter

      Ophelia, come here.

      dO Ya wAnT soMe fReSh wAtEr???

    • Ruth Hopeful

      Soleil is the smarter one and doesn't mind cutting in front of her sister to get more snack! She would definitely get somewhere in her life if she were a human

    • goofball

      “I’m gonna go get you a snack.”

      Apollo: can I have one too

    • Kelly Murray

      Aww, she’s a sweet little birb.

    • wiidt y

      so cute that they’re named after the fire emblem characters…

    • ¿?q

      Omg I have the same kitchen tiles on my counters!

    • Nora Bea

      Awww, Ophelia is very cautious and deliberate in her decisions. 🥲

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