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This is Oliver the White-Bellied Caique! Caiques are found in South America, living primarily in the low elevation rainforests of the Amazon Basin.

In captivity, there are two main color morphs: You have the White-Bellied morph, like Ollie, and the Black-Headed, which has crown of black instead of orange.

These parrots are energetic and playful animals, and demand quite a bit of attention from their humans. Nevertheless, they make great companions to experienced owners.

We hope you like Oliver’s special songs as much as we do!

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    13 replies to "Oliver the Caique Singing in the Shower"

    • Ben Maillet

      loved that flirty whistle at the very end xD lol


      my green cheek Ollie sits on the shower head and talks to me.

    • Mateo Qad

      He should be in his habitad

    • ᴍɪꜱꜱ ᴊʏᴏᴛɪ

      Omg sooo cute😂😂😂😂

    • Jeff Kilgore

      Beautiful singing

    • A Youtube Channel

      You take a shower, it does not hate water, and it sings for you: Yeah, you found yourself a good pet.

    • Thommy Turtle

      he has a Hoghlight-Seat.

    • Windows Atmosphere

      That's cute and all, but if no one is in the shower, they are gonna run up the water bill!

    • struggle93

      this guy looked like he is flirting in the end 🤣

    • mycosic

      🤣 such a happy little camper just whistling away💯🤙🏽🐤💛

    • Holly Shah


    • MisterBenne

      I rather had like to see her taking a shower 😀 *blush

    • Joe Smith

      These guys are the best most curious of all the parents. Take good care of your little buddy.

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