Bird who insists on taking showers with his parents has the cutest reaction when his mom uses SFX makeup to look like him…😍

For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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    27 replies to "Needy Bird Rushes In The Shower Whenever He Hears The Water Running | The Dodo"

    • kroakie4

      Caiques are so darn cute!!! 😂

    • Mark Anthony Dumaguing

      Honestly it's my first time to see a bird that loves water so much.

    • lepoufextrême

      Absolutely adorable 😂

    • Jennie

      Ugg. I hate birds. When i was little, Mom had one, she always let it out of the cage and the stupid thing would poop on my head..darn thing. I did feel bad when it died. Not sure if i was sad over the bird or for mom losing her pet.

    • goofy goober

      This looks like the dolphin muzzle video😅😅😅

    • Ng Tony

      …….. having a bird, that has no control over when he pees or poos on your head … is that a good idea?

    • Sundew the Leafwing

      Dad:Its time to go sleepy sleepy!
      Cheddar:sEePy sEePy!?

    • Nived PM

      dont ask me the colour of that parrot

    • HoneyDew the Hivewing

      When you asked in the shower " Are you having a good time?" he was like "I am!!"

    • Daisi

      You have a lovely family

    • Sergiu Cauia

      what type of bird is cheddar?

    • Lauren Tedesco

      Tooo much love❤

    • CR

      How is she so comfortable with the bird biting and stepping on her eyes

    • Nicolas Jonasson

      Wide wings is typical mating behavior

    • Gael Alejandro

      I thought u had a plastic surgery

    • Jason Buchanan

      More videos of Cheddy pls?

    • Bill

      Plz beware of Cheddar and your makeup. Super cute showers. I’m blessed with a Dusky and a Patagonian conure

    • PincerTheSpooder

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      You either clicked on the vid cuz the thumbnail
      Or because of the cute story

    • TheEarthKingdom

      You should build him a little waterpark

    • Techno Cheap

      Bonjour, pas mal les bzez

    • Knights&Darths

      Man that's a little much.

    • Hungus

      Man I wish I was that bird

    • Steve Jurado

      Thats one spoiled little bird.

    • mitthu

      So cute 🥰 and smart 🤓 parrot 🦜
      I have also a cute 🥰 and smart 🤓 parrot 🦜

    • Alan Khalil W

      This bird gets more action then me.

    • INT

      That's your ex from past life… He's reincarnated 😁

    • Cyanidely

      this thumbnail wont look to good for hr

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