My parrots trash the bird, and Puffman Caique attacks Mom’s toes while she tries to clean the bird room.


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    13 replies to "My Parrots Trash The Bird Room & Caique Attacks Mom’s Toes"

    • @abeautifullife5303

      This is just too hilarious, April! WOW! What a mess you guys have going over there! A fine, lovely mess! F L O C K P O W E R! ! ! ! Love you to pieces!♥️🦜♥️🐦♥️🦜♥️🐦♥️🦜♥️🐦♥️

    • @scorpio663

      🤗Good to have you back with the PUFFMAN !! I just love how he hops around and his Physco attitude cracks me up . He is a CHUCKY Bird !! 🤡🔪🐧

    • @scorpio663

      🤗Good to have you back with the PUFFMAN !! I just love how he hops around and his Physco attitude cracks me up . He is a CHUCKY Bird !! 🤡🔪🐧

    • @adrievandijk

      Puffman is a little clown, and a good dancer. I wish I could dance that good. Sorry that your mum is not doing well April, i wish her all the best.❤

    • @crabstick250

      The toe game!! Too too much!! April, the Puffman is extra Spicy today. I'm so sorry Mom is feeling crappy. The chemo is poison but hopefully it'll do its job. Still, side effects are atrocious. Sending prayers and hugs. You know your flock (human and feathered) loves you…..keep going ❤ nora

    • @user-nj8vu4jg5k

      Yes ; you have to keep your feet covered up around Birdy babies or they will bite them. Lol. 😂😂😂😂. I don't like to let any of my pets around my feet. Don't want them to pick up anything even with clean feet we have different germs etc. than they do. Have fun with your babies. We miss all of our feather babies and furbabies. Our last Baby girl Quaker Parrot 🦜 died on Christmas Eve last year so we have been very sad, and missing her so much, and all of our babies we loss through the years. Enjoy every minute you can with them while they're here. Have a blessed night 😊😊😊😊😊

    • @birdsmariaandsunshinetv9899

      Puffman is so smart very very smart. So cute at least Puffman is making you laugh April 😊

    • @nitzyblack6143

      THANK you so much for this !!! 😂 I had to play it a couple of times for Jett (my Conure). He is exactly like Puffman when I try to clean around his I.V. pole turned parrot perch 🤦.

    • @ellenpapernick6503

      Puffman looks like he’s on an invisible pogo-stick😄Dear April ,it’s so good to hear your genuine laughter !How is your Mum doing?😊

    • @birbluv9595

      Caiques are so, so funny! Their hopping and playing always crack me up! Messes are acceptable when you are surrounded by love!

    • @alicediana3681

      Everytime I see this little Puffman, I can't get over the beautiful sheen on his feathers. Like hard candy! He's darling.

    • @Yunfei81

      Glad you two are having fun. Very contagious xD

    • @EstherRobles-fu6wj


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