Lelou on my mailbox soon after we bought the house.
Her wings are clipped in this video.

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    16 replies to "My Caique"

    • Nikki Hitchcock

      Outside without a harnes..Wonder if she is recall and flight trained?

    • Unnamed .Anonymous

      My caique was making all the same noises as she watched this video! Lol

    • Ufokenwot m8

      Hahaha. I watched this video with my Caique on my shoulder and he was singing along with the bird.

    • Ufokenwot m8

      uhm. My caique doesnt fly very well at all.

    • vividKaptures

      @olivierhacking Caiques are quite good at flying, but when I took this video she had her wings clipped. She hasn't had her wings clipped since then,she has a nice aviary to fly around in now too though.

    • vaporeon333xxx

      @PinkyWontWork umm this is the atural size of the beak

    • echoskybound

      @PinkyWontWork I could think of a ton of less rude ways to make this suggestion. Chances are, the people you're calling imbeciles, retards and subhuman are kind, intelligent people who care about animals. Caiques have pretty long beaks, and this looks like a healthy and cared-for bird. I know you're on the internet and we're not meeting face-to-face… but why alienate yourself like that? We can all benefit from learning patience, letting go of anger, and seeing another perspective.

    • sujimanfsu

      @PinkyWontWork to say what you said reflects a lower IQ then this bird…all because trimming your beak keeps you from harms way more power to you some birds may just rely on intelligence to keep their beaks out of trouble…but one thing for sure beak trimming seems to have not helped with your panty wadding i can tell you. why not keep the ignorant comments to yourself bro /sis and just enjoy the beauty and loveliness of this white bellied caique. God Bless.

    • vividKaptures

      @PinkyWontWork Who are you even talking to? I get my caique's beak trimmed annually and toe nails trimmed when needed, so if you are talking to me like that, calm the hell down! Just sayin'…

    • Mary B

      @PinkyWontWork I have a caique whose beak is pretty darn long, but my vet – a highly-trained specialist in birds and well-respected around the country, doesn't trim her beak unless it gets incredibly long – which only did one time because Dolly keeps it trimmed the way she likes it all by herself on her sandy perches. Your comments were rude and way out-of-line. Chill out…

    • Anna Benites

      I have a Caique of my own, their AMAZING

    • TheLonelyLion

      hes cute but he is to greedy he didn't go away from u he like u i guess

    • crowdcontrol792

      @PinkyWontWork u mad?

    • Moonwalky

      Aww how cute!!! One of my favorites!!
      Her white stomach looks like a swimsuite ^^

    • Silly Caiques

      I'm sitting here watching the video with my 2 Caiques…Maggie & Spencer. They are very still listening.
      What a cutie-pie. Loves outside it seems.

    • David Huber

      yeah, soooo cute =)

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