It’s incredible!

It’s wonderful!

My Caiques were matting! I’ve NEVER seen them do so before!

Could it be that I’ll have Caique babies?

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    • Kristie Jennings

      This is such exciting news. I hope if there is eggs, they will be fertile.

    • LoriW

      Hi Kalyn congrats on the caiques!! That looks very firmiliar to me!!! Lol!!! I was going to send you a message asking what I should do about Ozzy always trying to mate with my baby Lola? Ignore or not? Poor baby, she doesn't understand, he just pins her down. When I see this I stop it. They get along great except when his hormones are raging, I separate them. Their in a cage together during the afternoon for a few hours while I rest. But when I hear screaming I bring Lola's cage out from their room.
      Maybe I will be having baby caiques in the future. Hmmm!!!

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      2/2.. my male Caique is a little bit over a year now and my female is about 11 months now, I am hoping when they get older they will mate and give me a few more beautiful baby caiques

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      So If you do end up with some baby caiques are you going to keep them or sell?

    • Future Free Flyers

      This is so exciting!! Make sure to make the babies a cites certificate

    • 787.86

      X – rated activity can result in EEEEEEEGGS!!! 🤩😍

    • Crystal Taylor

      Good morning congrats on your maybe babies. So I have a diet question I'd like your opion on Bonnie's brothe Leor is being very picky im going to dm you in a bit with details

    • Jan Kelley

      How exciting! Your female may soon present you an egg! You’ll absolutely have to keep us informed.👏👏👏❤️

    • hammer r

      Very cool. Can’t wait to see what the result is.

    • Taylor R

      21 species? I thought that you always say you have 22. What happened? Uh-oh. Yeah. I only have 1 bird left. My Black-Hooded Nanday Conure Parakeet, suspected male, going to be 3 years in August, clipped, (horribly, might I add, not by me, by the people who gave him to me,) banded, (might get the band removed,) and getting tamer by the day. His name is Damu, and today he did something beautiful. He came out of his cage all on his own, and climbed up to sit on the perch that's built in up top. I was so, very happy. I love my Conures, (I'm a crazy Conure person,) but I think that 1 or 2, may be my limit. I don't do well with a huge flock I've noticed. Haha. Anyway. Congrats on your baby-making parrots. LOL. I send my blessings, and prayers their way.

    • Tammy Wills

      Congrats….sooo exciting

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