4 replies to "My caique parrot does his tricks"

    • Joice Mou

      What treats do you use?

    • TheOddFlock

      All he wants to do is spin around! That is so cute!

    • spinnaker5514

      Hi, I recently adopted a female wbc that is approx 6 years old. She was in perfect feather when I got her but has since plucked quite a few of her belly feathers. She has an open door cage policy and tons of toys both old from her previous owner and new. She lets me handle her to help her into the cage from the floor but mostly she attacks me when I try to get her to step up. I've tried to coax her with food and treats to no avail. I know it's only been a short time, but I am not seeing any improvement. I'm thinking I may have made a mistake. I originally wanted a baby to start with when this opportunity presented itself. Do you think another caique possibly a baby could either help or hurt the situation? Do you have any sugggestions. Do you think this could possibly be a permanent condition? I have heard that sometimes birds are one owner pets. I would love any suggestions you might have to offer. sailingwtihbill@msn.com thanks Bill

    • Kiwi lllt

      Hahaha "give me 5". He's got 4 toes xD

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