At first i tried the same with Paint Brush and water paint,
Its looks like she is more interested in eating the paint rather than painting on canvas.
so i changed the plan to sketch pens.
I tried to make her paint with her hand but it didn’t work for me. May be u can try and if she use the hand the height that she can reach on the canvas is less.

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Amazing Plan – Silent Film Dark by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



    5 replies to "Modern Art by Caique Parrot || Mini Canvas Painting || How to Train a Parrot for Painting || Tricks"

    • Luis Gamero

      How much that?

    • Logic

      Caique da Vinci

    • T.F. Schroeder

      Kind of like the bird itself – a bit all over the place, and colorful too!

    • Sabine

      Sehr begabt 🎨🦜👍🏼

    • Cristina P. Moráis

      A new star has born, an artist!!

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