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Today’s animal is a black-headed caique parrot Bangwool. At first, Bangwool seems super friendly with the production crew she has just met, but soon… she springs at one of the crew members. But, for some reason, she only attacks and pecks female staff?! Apart from her own family, she attacks female guests whenever she spots one, nonstop. Will we be able to find out why or if she actually only attacks females?


    11 replies to "Misogynist (?) Caique Parrot Pecks Female Guests Nonstop | Before & After Makeover Ep 72"

    • gökhan day


    • Madoka Higuchi

      Caique became Top G

    • cubytischer

      Aber Family (weiblich) greift der Vogel nicht an .komischer Vogel 🤔😂😂😂

    • cubytischer

      Attac from Women. 😲😂😂 The Bird dont like Women

    • Nicnic

      Impossible!!! This parrot 🦜 must never 👎 be kept alone!
      Please inform yourselves!
      To keep these parrots alone… is animal cruelty 😭

    • Brigitte Farmer

      There gives a lot of birds they are like this😂😂😂

    • Marita Hösing

      Maybe one point is he should have a compagnion.

    • Maria D.

      Hi, beatiful parot. Perhaps you should consider getting her a companion.

    • Enrico Toesca

      Very nice ❤❤❤❤

    • Ирина Полякова

      Самец нужен.Она отвлечется на него и люди не будут ей интересны.Птица не должна быть одинокой.

    • Adrian Sanchez Ordaz


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