We feel so blessed to have found this bird! He is so well behaved and wants love. Hope you enjoy the video of our love.


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    26 replies to "Meeting our Caique for the first time ♡ love at first sight"

    • daveyboi198724

      If she can't handle the conure, the bird probably just doesn't like her. It's not an uncommon thing with birds. Even going into a family household setting that bird will favour one person over the rest. Birds can be complex creatures so I don't think it's fair to be nasty to her just because a relationship doesn't blossom with the conure.

    • 360KING

      BTW, they sleep in a box under a blanket . They are more like chickens than budgies with there sleeping arrangements, maybe you've notice from him falling asleep in your shirt or under your neck.Cheers

    • Frank Avery

      This looks like a female you should dna test that rubbing on you is called surfing they love the feeling of clothing and will rub themselves all over congratulations so cute

    • Norse Code

      Beak is normal for a Caique

    • Karna Llewelyn

      Why are you pronouncing Caique like that? It's not the way you say caique

    • Mike CrappinShitz

      I'm sure you feel differently since posting, but birds have such a huge emotional capacity that they should never be thrown around to different homes if they become inconvenient. I don't mean that in a rude way to you either, I just hope people also know that they are a life-long commitment. Thank you for the video though because I am adding a caique to my flock of one sun conure haha!

    • Gökhan ERDAĞI

      Hello, I ask you for help my 150-day – old caique parrot has been crying and squealing constantly for the last 15 days, especially when it is placed on my hand or shoulder outside the cage, I am in a very difficult situation, I am sad what do you think I should do to recover from this situation, it is very dependent on me, not sick or hungry, you have encountered such a situation. Sincerely.

    • vorkutyanka

      Well, your video was the last drop in my cup of choosing what bird to get! Thank you! My decision is made!

    • Mortiz M

      is Caique better than GreenCheeked Conure?

    • Pure Luck

      Omg your sisters bird is beautiful!

    • jordo

      the way you say caique makes me itch

    • Lucas Cantwell

      Make more bird videos

    • briau

      Please convince your parents to remove that rope toy. It has many frayed rope ends, and the parrot many end up ingesting it. (Which can be fatal)

    • Luna18Cat05

      I'm looking into getting a caique. They are not like green cheeks. They are more stubborn, can learn tricks in as little as five minutes, and can be wonderful pets if given proper training and love. Im sure she can handle it. I dont get why people are so quick to jump on their "animal expert" high horses to insult. Get over yourselves.

    • Jonathan John

      Can you make a new caique video? Tell us how everything is going so far

    • Michele

      Oh, watch "Birdtricks" video on Conures. And bitting. 🙂

    • Michele

      Think Caiques get jealous. Look into joining the two before you do anything.

    • Michele

      I don't think it's 'Haters'. Most are knowledgeable and thankfully letting people know- don't get a bird you if you can't give the time, love & attention.
      So many birds end up neglected.

    • galerion

      Honestly, conures brains are too small to be the budget pet parrot that people generally buy them to be. Caiques fit the pet parrot people want them to be minus the talking but they are high energy so you need to think of them like taking on a dog rather than a budgie. Once they get to 3 you'll need to learn to read when they are hormonal and just pet their upper body.

    • Eddy's tropical gardening Experience

      How is he in destroying things? Like cables and stuff?

    • Tink Verdin

      Get Hm natural perches

    • SuLaco

      Do not get a Caique they are devil birds incarnate. They are rude, loud squawking that doesn't stop no matter what you do, doesn't learn when you tell them to stop squawking. The breed is spoiled by its breeders leading you to believe they must be feed gourmet meals. This breed is not what they seem do some research before dropping any money on it, not recommended, caiques should not have been domesticated. Little bit of info brazilians eat this bird as a delicacy.

    • Jasmine Flores

      can you do a birdcage tour?

    • Ndilkoro Irasojer

      Wow so beatiful bird

    • Chakee The Cockatiel

      There’s a caique parrot in my local pet store near me and she’s soooooo sweet 🥺🥺 I put my hand in the cage one day and she got closer and let me pet her 😭 I wish I could buy her but she’s $3000 🙁 and her name is Ellie

    • Linda K Andrews

      Looks like your Mum, loves him to.

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