Mango is beating up a teaspoon. I think he killed it!

    17 replies to "Mango, our White Bellied Caique"

    • ALT+F4

      Ahaha this is hilarious. I also have a white bellied caique, and his name is ALSO Mango! Getting ready to upload some funny videos of him soon. 🙂

    • LuLuBelle Lemonpie

      What an adorable creature. 🙂

    • DieKotBirne

      wie geil is das den ? sehr schönes tier !

    • Alison Pointing

      This made my day 😀 I knew there was a good reason I wanted one of these birds, shame they're really hard to come by in my area.

    • Mace Windu

      This is a funny video. I've never seen a bird wrestle a spoon before and win.

    • Scott Stringer

      That is hilarious Andrea!

    • aliciarocknroll

      i named my caique mango too!

    • Anna

      Ya I think I might be a little too busy for a caique! I just wish I was not. And I have cats and my mom said they might like scare it to death. But White-Bellied caiques are by far my favorite bird.

    • Anna

      He's so darn cute!! I want a white-bellied cauiqe soooooo much but my mom said no!!!!!!!!! I laugh so hard everytime I see this!!!!!!!

    • Felix Kemmler

      em, is he always with u and ur mom, and is ur brother home alot? it can be that he tries to protect you and ur mom

    • Felix Kemmler

      the most caiques i know, if hand fed when baby they are verry friendly,

    • Michael C

      ok i held one of these birds in the store and he was really really friendly is you're bird that way too.

      nice video

    • macawlover2

      He is so cute!!! I love how he shuffles across the table while pushing the spoon! 😛

    • longlostlotrelf

      "mmmmmmmmmmm racecarrrrrrrrr!"

    • malador1952

      What a pretty bird! And so energetic too. Wish I had a tenth as much energy as he does.

    • jobo2mi

      OMG….Makes me want a caique SOOOOOO bad!!! LOL That is great!

    • Syralei

      This video just makes me want a caique more and more!

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