Mango and Kiwi, the white-bellied Caique parrot sisters, having some play time on the floor, wrestling on their backs, and having a fun time… So cute!

    15 replies to "Mango Kiwi Caique: Funny Play"

    • Lea van den bosch

      Like real wrestlers they observe the rules of the game

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey pls help me

    • Foodfangirl

      They act more like dogs than birds.

    • Larissa Milligan

      They're so adorable! I want one so bad but know they are a big responsibility!

    • Kauf Frau

      These birds are so adorable! I had no idea about them!

    • Gerhardt Hoffmann

      I like to see when Birds are happy

    • Lazarus Blackwell

      Cute little beasties

      XD XD XD

    • Lea van den bosch

      I really love them so much but I can't afford to keep a couple because they will outlive me and where they have
      to go after my death as I'm 76

    • Mary Snow

      Divertidos. ADORABLES

    • Reia Mohammed

      How do u average their age and how much should i pay for a pair of 1and a half yr old? and how am i sure it is a pair

    • Reia Mohammed

      Hi do these birds talk

    • Christine M

      My caiques name is Kiwi as well!😂

    • CarrollConcertinas

      Love your videos. I recently acquired a 4 month old Caique (have had her for an additional 3 months now) and things are going great. Like others I've read about the difficulties that can arise when they reach puberty and was wondering how your birds have fared? We don't know the sex of our bird but have been told by the bird shop owner that she is most likely a female given the width of her vent, but no guarantee. Thanks and hope to see more videos some day!

    • off the wall

      an expensive looking jungle gym but they prefer to play with empty pens. typical

    • SARAH

      awww its so cute the way they hop around

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