Caiques are challenging pets, they are not for everyone. Caiques are highly intelligent parrots and need a parent that can be one step ahead of them. Our caique care video will help you and your caique!
Do you have a Caique Parrot that is Biting, Screaming, and on Hormone overload? Can Parrot Hormones be Dangerous? A hormonal caique can be dangerous to the Human, its self, or other birds! Twice a year, my male caique parrot Puffy becomes dangerous to other birds in the bird room and me! When Puffy Caique becomes hormonal, it’s confusing for him and painful. Puffy my caique parrot’s Gonads gets so large inside his body; it pushes on his organs, causing pain and makes him super aggressive. Poor Puffy cannot help how or what he feels. My Cockatoo Victoria becomes hormonal October – May every year. Many birds become very sick or even die from being egg bound. I think the nesting season is hardest on caiques and cockatoos. It’s almost impossible to keeps these wild animals happy and healthy in captivity. I have a few tips to share that can help you and your caique parrot during the nesting season.

    17 replies to "Living With Those Crazy Caiques | Caique Care |Part 2"

    • Ed Puckett

      Such a loving tribute to those beautiful creatures! I love it!!

    • Future Free Flyers

      Caiques Need a lot of fruit😋😋😋

    • Роман Г

      Прямо но голову ей гадят… Это чё у нее все в комнате обгажено?

    • Gee Landry

      My green cheek conure absolutely HATES spray bottles as well and it is so annoying

    • cp m

      Great video.
      Useful indications.
      Thank you!

    • Ariana Morris

      Again, you nailed the caique experience, down to cleaning poo out of your hair.

    • Susie Lopez fan of HHN freak

      I always want a caique parrot

    • al3in

      I wish i have one ot those

    • scrubjay93

      I can see you being perfectly calm as ten adopted kids tore around the house screaming and throwing stuff. In other words, the perfect personality to have parrots. I have never understood why anyone wants a baby human.

    • PrettyKittyEyes

      April, I appreciate this video so much! I'm a single gal (40) with no kids and am researching before I adopt my first parrot. I think I will base my decision on the individual bird regardless of the species but this information has helped so much! I would love to know your opinion on the other bird species you have and which type would be good for a calm quiet apartment. I also work full time. I am looking at medium sized maybe an amazon, caique or lorikeet. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • New Beginnings

      They're like the terriers of the bird world. And lovebirds are the Chihuahuas.

    • Suspicious Bird

      So I have a question:

      I have a little baby caique, about 9 months old. She is not so much of an entertainment machine. She never hops. She doesn't like to be on her back. And she is not the most playful thing. She isn't so much into toys, strangely enough. She is more of a shoulder potato. She loves to stay on my shoulder, hold conversations, and enjoys seeing new sites. She loves car rides. She is very, very sweet. She adores having her face and neck massaged. She also seems to try to not hurt me at all, only biting me when I take her away from something she deems fun (like when she tries to eat the remote, take the keys off of the keyboard, or when she wants to stay on me longer).

      Considering her personality, should I expect her to not be sweet once she hits adolescence?

    • Danboi

      Absolutely brilliant, wet myself laughing at end of part 1. Thank god for your effort in educating us all about to get a Caique. Reevaluating 🤔

    • Boleyn_3

      This really brings to light what parrot owners say:that you can research all you want,but you don't know what it's truley like till you actually live amongst these complex and difficult creatures! Lol-maybe I will just stick to watching parrot videos..

    • 67vespa

      Hi there,. I have a white bellied from weaned… and I think needs a mate… cuz sometimes I have long day or days… at work… after seeing this., I am wondering if that is a good idea ???? I did have a parakeet net to him when he was a baby,… he's only 1.5 yrs now… and he seemed a bit more happy but defiantly territorial.. what do you think about a partner for my Caique?? does sex matter in this choice ??

    • Josefine W

      Love this. 🙂 I have decided that I want to get caiques myself. I have loved them for years but it wasn't until 2 days ago I actually met some. 🙂 They were both fun and really mean (bit me alot), but despite that I miss them already.

    • Roger Mastrude

      These are wild animals. Adopting one is kind of like adopting a wolf cub or a baby chimp. But it can be a wonderful experience.

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