Caiques are challenging pets, they are not for everyone. Caiques are highly intelligent parrots and need a parent that can be one step ahead of them. Our caique care video will help you and your caique!
Do you have a Caique Parrot that is Biting, Screaming, and on Hormone overload? Can Parrot Hormones be Dangerous? A hormonal caique can be dangerous to the Human, its self, or other birds! Twice a year, my male caique parrot Puffy becomes dangerous to other birds in the bird room and me! When Puffy Caique becomes hormonal, it’s confusing for him and painful. Puffy my caique parrot’s Gonads gets so large inside his body; it pushes on his organs, causing pain and makes him super aggressive. Poor Puffy cannot help how or what he feels. My Cockatoo Victoria becomes hormonal October – May every year. Many birds become very sick or even die from being egg bound. I think the nesting season is hardest on caiques and cockatoos. It’s almost impossible to keeps these wild animals happy and healthy in captivity. I have a few tips to share that can help you and your caique parrot during the nesting season.

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📺Puffy Caique’s Gonads are Huge | Parrot Hormones | Vet Trip

📺Living With Those Crazy Caiques |Part 1

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    26 replies to "Living With Those Crazy Caiques | Caique Care | Part 1"

    • NCGregory

      So I watched many videos about caiques before buying one and somehow this one got missed. I got a caique a few months ago based on all the other friendly character videos I came across and within 10 mins of being home with him he bit my two sons cutting open their skin pretty badly and making them bleed. He flew after them like targets and they were completely terrified of him after that. They tried with him a few days after, separate days, because he spent time with them while being in his cage and they talked with him very friendly and he didn’t seem aggressive so we decided to try again and when we let him out again he flew after both boys and bit them again. He went after every male that was around and that came around, we had to test the male theory. Then a couple weeks later he randomly went after my daughter that he liked and bit her out of no where very badly, when she comes around him to say hi, his eyes go completely red. This aggression came out of no where. With this caique he does not want to let go when he bites so it’s almost like we have to try to open his beak to release and those bites have left scars. I contacted the owner that rehomed him and she said he had no prior issues and was very friendly. Since he’s been here he’s been very territorial, not friendly with other breeds since he’s gone after my other birds and really hates my African grey. Take caution with this type of breed and really do your research.

    • Alice English

      How do you know the gender

    • amyfreund

      YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I am looking to adopt out my Senegal and Caique and everything you said is SO TRUE so I am hoping to find someone who KNOWS and understands them, you made me feel so much better about it thanks!

    • Ariana Morris

      Everything you said is exactly my experience with caiques. Thank you for sharing this. If I had known then what i know now I am not sure I would have chosen them. However I do love both of mine, But I hope everyone who is considering a caique views this video or one like it and takes it very seriously. Caique babies and adolescents grow up to be very stubborn, bitey, willful animals who need a LOT of attention from experienced bird handlers. Also thanks for sharing about adoption!

    • Puff Pets

      I think its best to just have one bird.

    • Sahar Yamouti

      Would you say that one caiuque is not a good idea for apartment?

    • scrubjay93

      Hilarious to watch you with your feisty birds, yet so serious because so many people buy exotic pets thinking the novelty will never wear off. It's a lot of work and commitment–don't get into it if you are going to abandon the animal in the future because of a new baby, new dog, moving, going to college, etc. It is not fair, especially to animals like parrots that form long-term monogamous bonds. Watching this I can tell a caique would not really be my ideal bird, but I know people who love them. It sounds like the "triggers," which I've heard about in other parrots too, develop or imprint during a hormonal phase, which makes sense. Salmon fry are believed to imprint on their home stream during hormonal and physiological changes that occur when they move from freshwater to the sea. I wonder if a pair would be more compatible than a trio?

    • Sydney Villarreal

      I laughed so hard when she just threw that poop paper like YEEEEET

    • DJ Koenig

      Since you know about Caiques & I have 2 males under 1 year old, I have to ask: are your caiques physically affectionate & do they like to be head scratched etc..? Mine have fun together & are cute, energetic etc… but they are not that into me touching them for head scratches & snuggles (bummer). They step-up great & come to me, but aren't cuddly. Are yours like that?

    • Happy Birds

      Thank you for your honesty! Also for not cutting out the "loud" part of the video.. Really helps me see I want to stick to my original mission of showing people who buy pet store budgies and cockatiels that they can be great pets if you work with them, and people that are thinking of getting a parrot that you don't need anything bigger than a cockatiel unless you are dedicated to being a parrot specialist.

    • jokesbenny

      Yes this trigger thing is so true – Malika = cell phone and Chesmu = when I take my glasses off

    • 67vespa

      Do you recommend getting a second Caique? I have a one year old and some times I have 10 to 16 hour days.. feel terrible there is no one else in the house and no other pets..

    • Kathy Meier

      Mine died becuse a hawk got it

    • Pirate's Parrot life for me

      Aww at my amazing & responsible store I'm an assistant manager & we raise a few breeder/breed white bellies & black headed. They are adorable but can be crazy. Lol I love them but hyperactive & their poop! I thought something was wrong with the first one I worked with. Lol they poop the size of my macaws! Lol They are awesome but takes a special person. If I win the lotto I'd like a little tribe of them but can get crazy! Lol We never over breed & highly educate as well as refuse sales if not the right fit or cage & accessories to prove or buy from us. It's funny I love them all but I've had better luck I feel like with the black headed or they like me more! Lol Plus I love hand feeding the lil crazy ones & never sell unweaned birds! They are for certain people but so fun. Maybe one day when I don't have to many birds as we are kinda a sanctuary & my dad was an environmental biologist so we grew up with birds & reptiles & still do. He's retired so when I'm at the bird store my him & my mom at least help along with my family so they are never alone but all but one are rehomed/rescue/adopted but 1 so they are more bird birds than "pets if that makes sense" lol but I'm glad we raise both cauiqes or I don't think I'd ever realize how cool they are & some day I'm sure I'll have at least one of both types! Lol They are adorable but definitely can bite & don't usually reccomend for first bird people unless they have volunteered a lot, lots of research, & maybe other family has them & they have worked with them. Tricky, wild, & hyper but super funny & clown birds! 🙂

    • J. ANDO

      Came for the info, but damn you're beautiful

    • Roger Mastrude

      Good job. Caiques can be GREAT pets, the smartest and most lovable pets I know of. (Not as smart as the bigger parrots, though; they have social intelligence, not puzzle solving intelligence.) But if people adopt them expecting a perch potato, they will be very rudely disappointed. I'm looking right now to adopt a pair of female black-headed caiques. I've had 3. All three adoptions have been successful. But it wasn't easy. My first caique thought she was the queen of the jungle. I have dozens of little tiny scars on my hands. Then one day when she was about to bite me, she said to herself: "Hey, wait a minutes! I love this person!" She hardly ever bit me again! They are so smart, they make decisions, and follow them. You can just see the wheels turning as they figure things out. Same thing when she met my second wife. My caique thought she'd bully her, then one day just… stopped. Another thing is that different caiques have VERY different personalities. I've known four well–all different!

    • Nads Sparkle

      Beautiful love the video

    • Michael Pechner

      First honest video I've seen. Elena is 13, a black head. My watch sets her off. I think she has caused me some hearing loss. She does not normally poop outside the cage. She holds it when she is watching TV with me. I get her back to her cage about every 40 minutes, She was not well socialized. Has taken a lot of work. I got her when she was a year old. She was not abused, but was ignored. I get her beak trimmed by the vet 4 times a year. Helps with the aggression and she gets a basic check up each time.

    • Kelly Dunne

      Can you please do a video on making diy toys for caiques!

    • Wildlife Painter

      I love your video. Senegals can become equally aggressive once mature and especially if they haven't been handled properly when young, and they have amazingly strong and powerful beaks for their size. Thanks for your videos.

    • Debby Keith-Maas

      haha haha so funny that last bit whith the loudness 😀 One of mine also has the broom trigger… and he is always so very adorable but when I get the broom… whoa… better have him in the cage he'll go nuts 😀 with the red eyes 😀


      "the entertainer" = caiques theme song

    • Floof The Bird

      XD your face when the yelling starts, I bet I look pretty similar when my quaker parrot (Yamato) and sun conure (Lucia) yell. And I'm bringing home a caique tomorrow! Good thing I'm already use to the yelling.

    • Soph Och

      I’ve never owned a bird before but I want a caique really badly. But i think I could handle it. It will take me a few years as a kid to save up 1000 so I can get even more research in.

    • Rebecca Dees

      Very glad that I have seen a few videos about these birds… I'm looking into adopting a parrot but I think this particular breed might be too much for me as a newbie to raising a pet bird or parrot. Thank you!

    • Raspberry

      My jenday conure is kind of nuts too. He attacks everyone entering his room except for me. A total love with his mom but a territorial MONSTER for everyone else.

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