A never ending adventure and laughs with Scout and Tonks

    7 replies to "Life with Caique Parrots Part 2"

    • Stefan V

      Love how they lay on their back and hop around when they're excited.

    • Benny and Jax

      Cuteness overload!

    • genius genius

      Hello lokos!

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Hey I just got a 6 week old male white bellied caique a few days ago I do have a little experience with them being as I used to own 3 of them a few years ago , But I am opened to learning new things and tips form other caique and parrot owners in general, so seeing as you have owned two caiques for awhile any tips would be greatly appreciated…

    • Jeanne Macaluso

      The Dynamic Duo are hilarious!!! I could barely contain myself.

    • Georg Frank

      Cute birds. The one caique has a somewhat gray belly. Is he molting?

    • Rosalind ROSSITER

      They ar SO busy all the time. Do they ever sleep?

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