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    14 replies to "Life with Black Headed Caique Parrots – Funny Parrots!"

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey pls help me

    • Peggy Lee

      They would be worth every penny

    • Jean d'Arc

      I don't care what anyone says… these are dogs with wings!

    • Barry Allender

      They are so sweet!

    • Abi Ruiz

      I want one, but they're too expensive

    • Andrea Merten


    • Sundae

      Say bye bye to all your fav shoes when u get one of these

    • Dandelion Down

      Beautiful video of the bird flying at the end. 🙂

      Charming, funny creatures. 🙂

    • Bianca Sardellitti

      hey! im sorry, i have a question🙇‍♀️I've wanted a caigue for a long time, but I can only take care of 1. Do you think that, spending practically the whole day with him he's going to be ok anyways? sorry for bothering you and thank u so much🙇‍♀️

    • MyBirdTube

      This perfectly depicts the crazy life we have with our Caiques! They always keep us entertained!

    • Jeanne Macaluso

      Fascinating little buggers!!! A treat to watch them wrassle while hanging upside down by their footies!!! Lovely video, happy birds.

    • Naomi Wheeler

      Hahaha little shelf for them to perch on in bathroom is cute 🥰

    • Naomi Wheeler


    • Grace T.

      Omg the bird rolling in the box of puzzle pieces 😍

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