Apollo’s pretending to be a caique now. He loves to wrestle, and so do his sisters, so he’s doing his best to play with them. He’s being gentle and learning everyone’s boundaries, and the sisters are very patient and forgiving when he’s being clumsy.

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    • Николай Манчак


    • playing with dimethylcadmium

      He the biggest bird!

    • MrBroken030

      so thats what flipping the bird means as non native speaker i never undertood this till now 😀

    • Zach Brown

      flip the birdie! ☺️

    • Griffin Sarfati

      That's cute

    • Elle

      Flip da bird

    • Kitty_ P__

      Adorable! 😻

    • Rae Jae

      I feel like with caiques you just HAVE to have two. They love to wrestle.

    • Olivia Pate

      What type of birdie are the two that aren’t the African grey? 🤔

    • Pratima Ghai

      Cute 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

    • Tuesday

      Could the girls be any flipping sweeter?!

    • Pratima Ghai

      Love ❤u birds

    • Pratima Ghai

      So 😂cute😂

    • el7

      Did she say flip. Lol

    • Caleb Seal

      Soleil/Ophilia: hides

      Apollo: searches

      Soleil/Ophelia: sneaks up and attacks

      Apollo: AAH


    • Brian Powell

      This is adorable

    • Carol Ann

      They are so adorable! TY for caring and loving them so much.

    • April Rants

      I don’t know much about birds I just watch them on social media, But, one of the little ones looks like it needs its beak trimmed.

    • Flamur Ugzmajli

      The funny thing is when he scratches on the blanket

    • Joey Ardiri

      Beautiful animals

    • Rezo

      I totally want to come hang out with Apollo, and his pet conures.

    • Thomas M Leahy

      Parrots occasionally like getting under the covers. Memories of their nest?? They may also enjoy playing with a paper bag in a similar fashion, or they might just chew it up. I used to provide a diy chew toy, a 2 or 3 inch piece of 2×4 slightly thicker than a finger suspended with thick white jute which would be converted to many tiny wood pieces.

    • Dirt Sanchez

      I think this video is better for Apollo's OnlyFans

    • Silky Sausage

      There's my daily dose of happ 😁

    • Lillgull

      That is so sweet!

    • Andrew King

      There were moments when I looked into their eyes when they were looking at each other and only saw pure malice in them

    • uabir

      Apollo is going to be sed when frens pass away 😭

    • usmc72409

      Love those girls

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