You guys asked for more videos of Kitty our Caique Parrot and we have obliged! We taught her how to “come here” and “roll over” since you saw her last. The tricks aren’t terribly complex and didn’t take long for her to learn 🙂

Hopefully I can teach her some more complex tricks soon!

Song: – The Streatham Hill Gods

    14 replies to "Kitty the Caique Learns Roll Over"

    • Victoria Little

      aww haha you got your self a smart bird

    • Sharon Westburgh

      Keep us updated on Kitty please!

    • rexon31

      cant believe people get angry over a birds name ? ? ? just watch and enjoy the awesome video people

    • Daniel Kelly

      this channel looks like fun. i subbed

    • Scotty Oxford

      I want one!

    • Semmster

      wow. you're a cheerful sort.

    • Luis Fernandez

      Indeed my good fella'h.

    • Homen Yu

      I do believe anyone that isn't dumb like you would realize when they see the words "Kitty the Caique" They'll know the video isn't about a damn cat cause the title isn't "Kitty the Cat"

    • Salty Wizard

      Kitty THE CAIQUE.

    • Adam Rivera

      it's the bird's name, you tit.

    • JeebuzCrist

      the camera persons laugh reminds me of my sisters.

    • Andreaslykkegaard

      This parrot is awsome!!! We want more parrot vids! 😀

    • Duzgun Gokalp

      Omg its so cool 😀

    • Vegard Børresen

      finish your comment then? i don't think many people got what you ment when you don't even mention anything about the title. i was reffering to the first comment u had

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