Attack of the killer Caiques! No joke! When parrot hormonal behavior is heightened, there is always a higher chance of suffering from a bite! Here I show you the dark side of Caiques and help to show you how you can avoid getting bit by your parrot. Learn the reasons why your bird is unbalanced and what you can easily do to remedy the situation. While at times it seems funny when your parrot is overworked, it actually is quite stressful for your baby. These simple tips and tricks can help ease your parrot’s disposition during their difficult seasons.💚

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It’s important to always keep a close watch on your parrots to notice any signs of illness.
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    29 replies to "Killer Caiques | Hormones Bloody Rage"

    • Melanie Archibald

      And now i have a babby one quincy i showed him all sorts of tricks hes amazing and i love all of your videos

    • Melanie Archibald

      I had a ciaque parrat 16yrs old clancy who flew away

    • Michael Hornby

      If Billy from saw owned a parrot, this would be the one. Got mine before I saw your warning , I mean video lol

    • carrie carebear

      I wanted to ask you about bedtime. scooter has been on the same sleeping pattern since we bought him. he goes in his cage 8pm and sleeps until about 7 to 8 am….yes he gets grumpy if he does not get his proper sleep

    • carrie carebear

      watching you and your babies I want to get another caique. I have my boy scooter we bought him 4 n a half years ago and he is the best little guy ever. black capped make and he was 12 weeks when we brought him home. very spoiled and he is the boss…

    • Video Bin

      Beautiful heart.

    • Paolo Ricci

      how about don't allow them on your head especially if you have long hair.

    • Rahima Akbari

      i wanted one and i was sure…. until now. i dont think ill get one anymore. i have a cockatiel and live in an apartment. i dont want my cockatiel getting hurt and i dont want both of them to get together and be too loud.

    • Lucky Duck

      I guess we know who actually runs the the house..: hint: it’s not the hooman

    • Stephen Thoms

      I won't get two

    • Brenda B

      Any suggestions on types of parrots that are suitable for children under 10?

    • Spiritus Vini

      I would really like to
      Buy some of that yucca and the wood. My tiels are chewers

    • Spiritus Vini

      Yeah try having male and female cockatiels you talk about having crazy moments.

    • Peter Powder

      My caique explained perfectly! Figgy is 29 yrs and can be super aggressive. Such a change from young

    • Amos K

      Oh dear, I tried very hard not to comment on this video, but I failed. I tell my customers that if they are not willing to toilet train, step up and step down their birds they should not take on ownership of a bird. While hand-raising baby birds (yes that includes black headed caiques) I give a subtle earth quake whenever they land on my head until they learn not to do it. I wish there was a polite way to say this but caique ownership does not have to be and should not look like this. To be fair the damage may have been done by the breeder before you ever took posession of these birds, as the early hand rearing socialising and desensitising often dictates what the bird will be like for the rest of it's life. ( by damage I mean their aggression to each other and their bitey and hormonal ways) These birds are out of control and walking all over you. If you start with a well raised bird there is a way of interacting with your bird where you will amost never have to be bitten, but it is more than can be explained in a short message.

    • Megan McIntoshy

      Thank you for teaching me that I do not want caiques:)

    • Luna18Cat05

      I still plan on getting a caique! Only one though. I wanted to know what hormones did to a caique and I'm not surprised by that. I think with one ill have an easier time putting attention needed into the bird and hopefully help it through that rough time of the year.

    • Zytr0x

      Hi April, I got a question about caiques. I have two about 1 year old caiques. They are both male and I recently heard, you shouldn’t keep two male parrots- especially caiques- together. They aren’t brothers if that makes a difference. For now they get along fine, but I don’t know what happens in a year, when the hormones kick in. Do you think I should give one away?

    • Square Triangle

      Why would you want to have pets where you have to walk on eggshells all the time? Like having a dangerous dog at home?

    • Michelle S

      Super educational! My caique enjoyed watching yours on top of it all!

    • Birgit M

      I love watching your videos! So informativ and funny! I was laughing so hard.😂😂😂 And a little glimpse of Victoria!😍😍😍

    • ChevyNova Scotia

      I need a glove my caique can't bite through. He's bitten so hard I'm afraid to hold him

    • mikeatthebeach

      My Black headed male caique is 9 years old and got him
      When he was 2years old, the previous owner got severe
      Facial bites that needed stitches from the Emergency Room
      Every beginning of the year he get real bitty and taken chunks
      Of skin off my hand
      Still like him, but thinking maybe he needs a shot to calm him down
      What have been your experience
      I think Black Headed Caiques are neat but it like owning a pit bull
      with unpredictable tendencies almost like a BiPolar Disorder or OCD
      Behavior in Humans
      Any Advice
      Los Angeles

    • m d

      Loved the video! Such dedication and love. Not to mention bravery! Lol. Happy Sunday. Hi VC you are beautiful and we love you! Bye April…love you.

    • K8 H

      Lol, please get that bird off your head

    • Jolfer 13

      I dont understand how anyone puts up that annoying squeaky bullshit

    • Jolfer 13

      Stop putting the crazy bird on ur head……what a concept

    • tora ze dwora

      I admit I did get scared after watching your first caique video after you mentioned their bipolar-esque nature and triggers – I was aware they're moody but not to this extent, when you took out that mask I froze for a second. Nobody really talks about the more ugly side of caiques, they truly are mostly, if not only known for their happy happy hippy hoppy nature. After binge watching the rest of the videos I still want to get a caique, but you've changed my approach to it big time. Thank you so much for telling us what to expect. It must be really hard taking care of this many parrots but you're doing amazing and are truly an inspiration. ♥

    • Jacqueline Keddy

      I hate to say it, but most people recommend not letting your birds go on your head, sometimes it can promote aggression and dominance as I'm sure you know, but you really can't blame an already hyper bird for getting tangled and distressed in your hair. I just personally don't think that that was a good scenario to mention that they weren't good birds for children (I'm not saying they are) as, from what I saw, This particular scenario wasn't really the birds fault. This is not meant as hateful, just from one bird lover to the next.

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