Caique Parrot taking a dump. How to potty train a parrot. #shorts #parrotcoop

    8 replies to "Just a Caique Parrot Pooping"

    • That Guy

      My bird poops little greenish white but how is that bird have that much poop?!

    • HyooNoot

      Your bird is sick wtf take him/her to a vet!!!

    • Ismailo

      Why would anyone film that!?

    • GamingSlowedOst's


    • John Wick

      That was the biggest bird poop I have ever seen

    • ENIO CAMISA 10

      Ê fofo ê pouco nojento

    • димасик Жига

      Вот это я оьосрал я увидел эти прекрасные моменты моих глаз даже мой попугай так не срет

    • Shiny Abbad

      Why can I smell it

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