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    9 replies to "jenday conure babies and white bellied caique playing"

    • mad3men

      can i buy one pleaseeeee 😀

    • cesar cuellar

      Thebugboy got ripped off

    • rito reyes

      the jenday likes a lot like the sun counre

    • caamalrandy

      my Jenda(Femail) and Sun(Male) one of the three eggs just hatch yesterday 5/7/11 and just looking at the mixed baby bird just make u think how amazing these birds, just felst like sharing this 2 u

    • Sun Conure Jenday Conure

      lol did she say dont be so ugly?lol thats so cute

    • Cynthia M Foreman -Dumont KikuandHoshiDumont

      5 stars again what cuties .. love it !

    • NekoFoxLvr

      Never mind I just noticed the dish was attached to there pearch. I wish I could attatch his cup to his cage!

    • NekoFoxLvr

      OH I love your video! My senegal parrot started to talk back to your birds. He's a sweetie. I noticed the birds eating out of that white cup/dish. Do you ever have problems with them tipping it over?My parrot tips his water dish over and makes a mess!

    • John Moseley

      It is good to see other responsabile breeders… Is that an Amazon I hear in the back ground?

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