This is the most I’ve seen Izzy jump and hop around at one time!!! 🤣
He looks like a wind-up toy bird!! 🐥
He probably liked hearing the sound of his feet/claws against the wood so he kept on going and going and going 😁

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    25 replies to "Izzy, the Caique, breaking a record with his hopping exercise!!!"

    • Thomas Baron

      This is the best video ever! 😄

    • The Strategist

      Anyone that dislikes the video has something wrong with them.

    • Ψυχή μίασμα

      Okay stop letting him drink coffee

    • Hector Vasquez

      Charming and cute!

    • Monster Crafts


    • The Supreme Thunder Dragon

      What a Silly bird he is, And cute. Good boy Izzy. ^_^

    • KillerCaitie

      Wind up toy birb!

    • Wren

      The ultimate pee dance😂 He's so cute🤗💚

    • Laura B

      What a cutey!! He looks like he’s wearing a little white tank top!

    • D Kane

      Omg I love your birdy 🥰 they’re very funny 😂

    • Deborah Merkerson

      I have read about caiques before but have never heard that they hop. I’ve owned parrots for most of my 69 years and I’ve never seen one hop. I had both a love bird and a Yellow nape Amazon that could run faster than me and both had the same purpose… to take a chunk out of my leg. I much prefer the hopping.

    • Elfenmaus

      In German we aay doing doing doing

    • nuffflavor

      LOL !
      Stupid bird !

    • Kelly Suzanne

      That's adorable wish cockatiels did this haha

    • Jaime

      Bro I’m bouta kidnap

    • ikbal Gokce

      Maşalllah, ❤

    • Richard Zanetta

      He's so cute,lol😁😁😁

    • alejandro1963able

      master of silly walking

    • Pat Hickman

      I always think caiques look like they're wearing a white undershirt!

    • Lanado

      Omaigod. He is sooo cutee!😭😭😭

    • GlitchScatter

      really such a shame that most turn into demons after their hormones kick in. 🙁

    • Leah selkie

      I love your love for your birb 😊💖

    • aron canapa

      Omg I love the hops

    • Gratia de Este


    • Pamela Sertich

      Hahahahahaha, he does look like a wind up toy!

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