Apollo loves to help Ophelia with her pin feathers.

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    12 replies to "It's Ophelia's Turn 🥰"

    • Bruce

      Bird equivalent of a threesome

    • Sand-ER

      🥰 Aww….such a blissfully family moment! You have three adorable, loving babies there! Their little soft chirping is so sweet!❤️🥰😍

    • Sonny Seabury

      😘😘😘😘…Amazing how gentle Apollo is with the girls, that are much smaller than him..Apollo knows and is a super intelligent bird. It makes my ass chapped, and makes me ill to my stomach, when I hear about people abusing birds and God's other beautiful creatures. Makes me want to make an example out of people like that, and abuse those people, but I refrain from doing so, because I value my freedom in society, this is why I Thank God, that I've never seen a person abuse any animal, because I honestly think I would lose my shit on them, and show them what pain truly is, having been an animal lover and lover of nature my whole life. ❤️

    • Scott Mein

      If I was a bird, I would be like stop kissing/hugging me/even touching me

    • vanessak69

      How precious. Ophelia deserves a spa day.

    • Mal-2 KSC

      I wonder if Apollo sees the girls as permanent babies, rather than a smaller breed.

    • JollyCat

      Aw, how cute!!😊

    • dj stinky

      caique noises are sooo cute

    • majibento

      Aaaahhhh so snuggly and cute 🤧

    • Patricia Wales

      Removing them nasty pin feathers as a team. <3

    • Василий Legend

      Soooo cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Иностранный Консультант

      M A S S P R E E N I N G

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