caique parrot always happy to see me after work, is she trying to feed me or trying to be fed. ke me know please!?

    16 replies to "is my caique parrot trying to feed me!?"

    • Nick Güer

      Accept her offering

    • Metal Steel

      he just has a vomit fetish

    • Tj Bailey

      I love parrots. I had a love bird before my cockatiels and he had the coolest personality

    • GemsOfLilyheart-WSP

      He's just trying to spit something up! Birds do that like we do coughing to get things out that are stuck somewhere

    • georgesabitpol

      This means the bird sees you as a mating partner. Beware as the expectations cannot be met. Be careful with your face during hormonal seasons

    • EeekItsSnek!

      Our cockatiel will groom my bread and try to take my piercings out cuz they're shiny lol

    • Muhammad Azeem

      I love parrots

    • Tautropfen


    • Ali H

      Sexual behaviour! No back rubs, for sure

    • Maria Merigold

      How adorable 🥰 as it's a baby caique it might just be confused about food, but keep an eye out for other hormonal behaviour as it gets older

    • Marth

      😮 “Come on just let me….spit…in….your….mouth”

    • xxk4rilsxx

      I found out later that gagging thing they do is when they’re arroused and want to fuc

    • Annie Stumpy

      It probably is. Because it is an animals that naturally lives in a group and it's not supposed to be kept without a fellow bird. As a consequence those animals develop severe mental problems.

    • Inspiration_YT_

      The parrot is like, "His beak feels soft. Strange…" 🤣

    • Annaguma

      Glad you got some useful replies already. I had no idea but it does track with like… Horny parrot behaviour. They seem to get very agitated.

      It seems very cute and mostly harmless at the moment but all of the parrot people I see on youtube treat it like a big deal and as something you do not want to encourage.

      I have no idea if that's because it's bad for the parrot or if people just find it annoying but regardless I hope you're able to get some answers and continue having a great life with your little Caique ^-^

      Love to see another brit having fun with their pets. I feel like things are changing but not that long ago a bloke taking a video where they kiss their parrot would get treated like they were mental or gay so thank you for helping make this a nicer place to live 🙂

    • Hope Springs

      Oh yeah I would say there’s some hormonal action going on there lol. Time for serious redirection. Bird Tricks, Parrot Wizard and many other channels have great instructions on hormonal behaviour and how to calm it. I bet that you could literally google hormonal behaviour in female Caiques🕊🦜🙋🏼‍♀️💐🇨🇦

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