The needs of a caique parrot, what to expect

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    • 787.86

      I have a 2 year old caique, I'm having the luxury of working from home so she is with me outside her cage at a minimum of 8 hours per day, I actively interact with her playing, but I also ask her what kind of dinner I should make for my family or what color I should choose to finish my latest project and so on. You are NEVER alone with a caique, she is my ride or die.

    • wvsky

      Is your Caique picking at it's breast? If so, that's not good. Parrots pick when they are bored or dont have enough room to stay interested in things. One hour a day? Far too little. They should have an indoor and outdoor aviary's. Never leave any parrot in their cage other then to sleep.

    • Shanpatrick Baker

      Caiques are amazing. Have a wonderful little white belly and would love to find a black capped one of these days. They have such an awesome look, especially with the classic Caique eyes. Both are the most funny birds I can imagine, such great personalities.

    • Mike CrappinShitz

      5* hours outside the cage each day, minimum!

    • Max Rockatanski

      Definitely not for me … incredibly cute though.

    • SubDucks

      When I get a job I'm saving up for one these birds, thay are gorgeous, I keep reptiles which are really easy to keep and I'm up to a challenge that will pay off really well I'll do tons of research to make sure it's the right care I've already started researching and I'll be able to my first job in 2 years.

    • Barb Stotter

      Very good video. It’s very demonstrative of the fact that parrots are very much like permanent toddlers…with wings!!

    • Alletto, Adelle

      Just a tip when having a caique is they are extremely playful and know on your hands a lot. How ever my caique is not aggressive and is very sweet I love her to bits and she would never hurt anybody. No hate to anybody who disagrees this is my own experience.

    • Caspian

      It's killing me how she's saying "Caique"

    • s e a b r e e z e

      I'm considering getting caiques, and I need some direction.
      One thing I did with my birds (when i had them) is I would let them out to fly around the room and only put them in their cage at night and when I left the house. How big should the caiques cage be in this case?

    • Underwater Depot

      Last year i discovered the perfect Caique toy, an empty beer can. I keep one on the bottom of the of Tiki's cage and i also hang one or two in the cage with shoe string. All my bird wants to do is chase his can around that's on the floor or kill the can that's hanging. I cant tell if the sounds he makes when killing his can is pure joy or pure fury, but either way its super fun to watch. If he's outside of his cage and I put a can on the floor anywhere in sight of him , he immediately gets on the ground and goes right for it and the battle is on. Try it your birds will love it. Oh yeah and old sneakers are great for them to tear up.

    • William Pinsent

      oh hormones <3 my baby fractured my pinky last night

    • Jblaze

      Are they loud for apartment living?

    • Joyayaa

      Thanks for the video! I'm researching all of the "beginner" birds to see wich one would be the best for me. The whole time I was so for the Cockatiel but now I think about getting a caique. I still don't know what I'm gonna do, but only time and research will tell.

    • Andrew Balser

      Great video!

    • Oly Garcia

      When your bird hit maturity at 3 to 4 years old. Does it become more territorial, aggressive and attached to just one person? I’m planning on buying one as a family pet but all the people I meet at a bird shops discourages from buying one because of their wild nature. All my kids are teen agers already. They say they can turn on you and become wilder when they hit maturity at 3 or 4 years old. Did you experience that with your birds?


      I bought my caique for Christmas last year she was only 4 weeks old !! and she is the best caique ever , I take her outside of my house everyday without a harness ( her wings are not clipped ) and she can fly really well …for my birthday i bought another caique which was really scared , we kept him for 1 day but he was way too aggressive so we bought him back to the shop , the same day we saw another caique that was in very bad heath and was being kept in very poor condition I decided to buy him and take him home I kept him for more than 6 months and he became healthy again and even learned to fly ,but he was way to noisy and loud and very aggressive , sometimes he would scream so much that my other caique would start getting mad at him πŸ˜‚so I decided to find him a loving home πŸ™‚.


      Also I recommend only one caique because they will bond better with you πŸ™‚

    • KayLyn Handley

      Are they clipped?

    • David P

      Great video!

    • Lisa Delosa

      Hi… Do you have other birds other than caique?

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