First time letting our new puppy Zoey play with our White Belly Caique Dino. So far they are off to a good start 🙂

    25 replies to "Introducing our New Puppy to our Parrot, Best Friends Already"

    • Camilo Lopez

      To everyone that has wondered, Dino and Zoey continue to be best friends 🙂 Zoey learned to not be rough with him and he still loves to nibble her teeth haha, they truly are best friends!

    • elliana2

      The caique would nail the dog if he were being too rough.. I know my conure would have!

    • Maria Evans

      Wonderful 😊,but I have four dogs ,and i would not trust them,I think it depends on the puppy ,and it it has to be completely supervised!!😊🐕🐦

    • Maria Evans

      What a beautiful puppy and bird,just goes to show , friendship can be found anywhere!!!🐦🐕🇬🇧

    • Alfred024


    • Jagzilla

      I think your floor might be asbestos…

    • Sensei Vertebrae

      How is that ‘best friends already’? That dog is going to kill that bird

    • DebbsPlay

      Hey there! First of all: what a cute video <3
      My boyfriend and I are planning on creating a big family (no kids just pets). I wanted to ask if Dino has had any experiences with dogs before, or was that their first time meeting a dog ever?

    • Moneyxl00

      Dude ur dog is wondering
      When can I crush this new toy already?

    • Criticas De Criticas

      suicide bird

    • J Mton

      This bird is this dogs best friend just as dog is to humans

    • Loki

      Kill dog🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡Parrot😊🐦❤️

    • Patrícia Coelho

      So cute, so intelligent they are they never hurt each other, very gentle.

    • AiraSora

      Mammal saliva is toxic to birds… Just to add that extra anxiety of having these two together 🙃

    • Snakes with hats

      me:sees this vid

      my brain: no no no no no. DO YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR BIRD. i dont care if they like eachother THEY CANT BE TOGETHER IN THE SAME ROOM

    • Monica Roldan Sanchez

      Me encantan que gracioso los dos que juguetones ☺☺☺❤

    • Linda J54

      I think the parrot figured out that there are treats inside the toy!

    • bindu

      AWWW! How are they now?

    • Whoever The Person

      What could happen is Zoey plays a bit too rough and accidentally injurs the parrot, and then wants to hide the evidence. Burp!

    • Boguslawa Helena Halina Mroczek

      Tu veux bien que je t'aime….?

    • Wyyrdo Jim

      Caigues are the only birds that I have seen roll over and play, even with a dog!😹

    • Ada Madrina

      Hola Camilo, aún están vivos los dos, el perrito y el pajarito?. Sólo pregunto, pues el vídeo fue grabado hace 3 años y hasta hoy 20 nov.2020 lo estoy viendo. Bendiciones 🙏 y saludos desde Australia

    • Stefy Sanchez

      Oh god.. i can't watch it.. I feel that in any moment the dog is going to attack the bird.

    • e schwarz

      birb like, "what are those white things in yo mouth?"

    • djscottfree2008

      Don't pet the puppy when it nips the bird you are rewarding bad behaviour

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