Planning for this video on Indian Ringnecks Vs Caiques I was surprised at how many similarities they had- and some significant differences too.

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    10 replies to "Indian Ringneck Vs #Caique #parrot_bliss #parrot #indian_ringneck"

    • KraZy Joe 67!

      Your Caiques are so beautiful. My sun Conure was a little clown gawd do I miss her. Thank you for sharing videos of your feather babies.

    • J R

      As much as I love your videos, I disagree with Caique should be kept in pairs. I've heard so many people with more than one caique have to separate them as they fight with each other and bring serious injuries, even if they were raised together since babyhood. Some ppl had to set up different time schedules to spend time with their caiques separately. If I am going to bring back a second Caique, I should be prepared for the worst-case scenario that they might dislike each other for their entire life. At the moment I am spending 3 hours a day during weekdays with my Caique and at least 5-6 hours during the weekends. Mine has been aggressive towards other birds and I am pretty sure he will hate other birds for a really long time, say if I bring back a second Caique and they don't like each other, I won't be able to have 6 hours to play with them every day and that might end up with rehome the second one. In this case, I won't bring back a second Caique until I retire.

    • floridamadman59

      As you know I have a Caique that has been alone for 17 years and laid 14 eggs a year and a half ago. Since then she’s changer, she’s not as playful and doesn’t play with her toys. What can I do? She’s very aggressive towards other birds and I’m afraid that if I get another Caique she would not get along! What do you think?

    • DogTeam919

      What are the tree branches that you use in all your bird cages? Please don't tell me to look on the internet the different kinds are contradicting and confusing. I want to know what YOU use.

      Thank you for your time this means the world to me. Joe, New Bern NC I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!!!

    • Krystal Anna Williams-Polley

      A baby indianringneck 🍼

    • Marisol Avila

      Can caique get along with a large parrot? Please let me know

    • Marisol Avila

      Beautiful caique s I have a question why caique beak grows faster

    • Jan Kelley

      As much as I like ringnecks, I’ll stick with my Caiques. They bond with each other but they are also bonded with us. I recently put a black headed female with with her best friend, a white bellied female. It’s been a wonderful move. They preen, play and perch together. The said white bellied girl is pretty stubborn. I have to use lots of “tricks” to get her to change her mind. It takes lots of patience, rewards and praise. We laugh because she can be a real bulldozer! Their cage is next to Ivar’s. He’s curious but very reserved. However his female neighbors are beginning to repeat some of what he says. My Caiques can be VERY loud. They call to each other and love to create a Caique chorus. I must say, I’ve had success with parrot music on YouTube. It does help quiet and calm them down. They suit both my husband and I in personality. Oh my! What does that say about us! By the way, we’re picking up our new black headed baby tomorrow.💖

    • Robin Wright

      Such beautiful babies! I love the Ringnecks but that would be too much for me. I'll just watch your videos. I know a "rescue" that is constantly at full capacity (according to their website) and VERY rarely places a bird, if ever. You can only see the birds after your application passes first approval and by appointment only. You have to search their website to find adoptions application that most closely resembles a mortgage application. They are located in a sad, isolated retail location with paper over the windows. Nothing about this place seems legit. It's WONDERFUL to hear about a really good rescue with people who care!

    • NCGregory

      I have one caique who can be aggressive. He does get along with the other species I have but have considered getting him a mate. My question is does the sex of the other caique matter? I don’t want babies and I think that’s what you said but not sure. Thanks.

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