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Life with a Caique
Flying my parrot

    5 replies to "I'm telling you Caiques can't fly?"

    • Greg Power

      I'd be afraid mine.woyld fly off !

    • DRL

      Love your video. Such an adorable Caique ❤️❤️❤️

    • Joshua Hull

      I have heard that they can't fly very far before they have to land again. Is that true? A friend of mine has 1 that she takes outside and it never flies very far and from what I understand she hasn't trained it to be that way. Hers seems to get exhausted if it flies less than 100 feet and seems to have trouble getting very high.

    • Mountain Adventures

      hi im going to buy 2 caique parrots how long do i have to wait till i can take them outside i scared they will fly away? but also i want to give the birds as much freedom as possible?

    • alan elliott gonzalez

      Hi, can you tell me what he has in his tail? A transmitter ?

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