Tips for Training:

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About the Toys:
*I bought all the Toys online only. It was difficult to find in petshops.

**”Mini Skating Board”/ “Finger Skating Board” is the name to search online shopping.

**”Mini Skating Board Ramp”.
It is very Steep Slop. Better to go for Small Slop

**”Chicken Helmet” is the name to search online shopping : Size 4.5cm x 4cm,
Even though the Caique Parrots are small in Size, their Head is Big. So i was not able to wear for my Caique. But i was able to fit to My Indian Ringneck because his head was smaller in size. I bought the biggest size available in the market. May be you will find bigger than this. Try it. Its Cute.

**”Finger Shoe”: That was also not fitting to her because Caique Parrots generally have Big Claws.

Training Session:
How to Teach Caique Parrot for Doing Skating Board?!!!

It took almost 2 weeks to teach her skating.
My other Tricks training used to take 3 to 4 days only.
For Pushing with one leg and do the skating it may need at least 1 month Training (I am Still continuing My Training to do that and will come back with another video later)

*Caique parrots are very active and likes to learn new tricks. They learn the tricks faster too while comparing to other parrot breeds.

*Make sure the New Toys are Hygienic before taking them to your bird.

*Keep the Skating Board and its Accessories close to the Cage of the Bird for 2 to 3 Days to make the New Toys Familiar to her.

*Start feeding her small pieces of nuts by placing them on the Toys as shown in the video.

*Remaining do as shown in the video.

General Tip:

*Morning and Evening are the best time for Training a bird.

*Never Stress the Bird if you felt they are not in a Mood to learn a trick that day.

*Training on Consecutive Days will give better results.

*Remove the food from the cage 2 Hours before starting Training.

*While Training Session, feed the bird with a very small piece of Nut.

*Never try to teach a bird Two tricks at the same time which may make them confused.

*Don’t Continue the Training Session for more than 2 to 3 minutes on a stretch.

*Try to practice all the Trained Tricks at least once in a month not to forget by the Bird.

*If u are planning to Record a Video for your bird for any tricks, please remember to make her familiar with your Mobile, Camera, Mono Pod, Tri-Pod, etc while training the trick itself. Because all of a sudden on the last day if you show her the devices which are not familiar to her, she may get scared or she may be curious, which may end up with a bad result for your effort of recording.

*We are seeing many videos of Bird Tricks on YouTube. The important part is not to lose hope in your bird because if a Caique can do a Trick then definitely your Caique too can do the same. Just be patient.

Thanks and keep in touch for more Fun and Tips…

Toys Intro: (0:00)
Skating: (1:03)
Training Session: (1:37)

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