How can you teach your parrot to play darts? It’s easy! Just watch this free tutorial about how to train a parrot to do the Birdie Darts Trick, get your Birdie Darts set from and you’ll be all ready to teach your parrot to play darts!

The Birdie Darts trick is great for all small, medium, and large parrots including green cheek conure, senegal parrot, sun conure, caique, african grey, eclectus, amazon, cockatoo, and macaw. It’s really exciting to watch a parrot get a bulls eye!

First your parrot has to learn how to fetch. A complete explanation of how to teach a parrot to bring stuff to you is covered here:

Next, follow the steps explained in this training video on how to teach your parrot to pop the darts onto the dart board.

Read the full free trick training guide at:

Get all your parrot trick training supplies at:

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    • Tempolynn

      Jaiden Animations would like to know your location

    • Flunkett Tobias

      good bird

    • Jelle Roozeboom

      My budgie is scared of everything and does not pick things up How can i teach it

    • Sama Alharbi


    • Damian Avila

      Your the best

    • Joanna

      great how about more videos about your baby parrot please

    • Arad Shekarian

      That’s pretty awesome! I’m gonna try this with my African Gray!

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    • Damian Avila

      Your awesome

    • Růžička Cheb

      Nice 👍🐦

    • Ashley Mathew

      Could you do a video on what to do when you bring home a new bird?

    • Ste.B.

      The clicker is the best method ever, parrot would do anything for a treat eheh

    • Chungus McGee

      That’s sick dude

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