This video is Part 1st in the the series of how to tame and train parrots.

I will try my level best to upload videos as much as possib.e

    9 replies to "How to Set Up a Training Area for Teaching a Parrot Tricks – Urdu/Hindi"

    • Renuka Bhoyar

      Hum apne parrot ko bolna kaise sikhay

    • Raghavendra Rajadhyaksha

      Nicely explained

    • Raghavendra Rajadhyaksha

      Awesome perch. Covered bed with cloth just below the perch. It's for preventing the poo from falling on the bed ? Can the bird be potty trained?

    • Prince Saluja

      Hey I hav bought a cockatiel day before yesterday but it keeps roaming here and there at the bottom of thr cage,and tries to fimd some way to get out of the cage
      also yesterday wen I kept d cage door open for abt 5 min it came out of cage itself
      Will I b able to keep my single cockatiel happy with me?
      Will it form a good bomd with me?
      I'm worried
      pls help me tame it pls

    • lorena cabrera

      hi i have a aggressive 3 year old female ringneck that attacks me and my other 2 year old ringneck which is a male what would I do to stop the attacking?

    • Vasim Ahmed

      Ye kon si breed he

    • Muhammad HK,s

      mostly people used birds for earning

    • Muhammad HK,s

      nice brother

    • Usama Ahsan Usama208

      yar call back ki traing do!

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