15 replies to "How to Potty Train your Parrot!"

    • Norse Code

      My Caique learnt toilet rules in less than two minutes.

    • Ayat Asim

      samsung camera quality no offence xD

    • Nabiha Zaidi

      You're absolutely beautiful 💖

    • Nabiha Zaidi

      Can you do that wow

    • Sarita Kotze

      Will they fly away when they go outside on your shoulder. Do you have to cut their wings. Know they dont prefer to fly.

    • Tom Langham

      Thank you for doing this video. I’m in ft Worth Texas.

    • Kamal Hasan

      God bless you

    • Stephen S

      “You’re not doing it right; something’s wrong with you.” 🤣🤣🤣

    • Liv

      I did this with my 2 year old pineapple green cheek and now I have to do it with my 3 month old white-bellied caique

    • golden boys

      You should do a video on what to do on the first couple days with your bird and introducing it to your home cuz in getting my caqiue in a month and im really nervous she'll be very stressed being in a new home (plus my neighbors dogs bark like hell)

    • waffleman95

      I had a feeling you lived in Texas like I do when you said “ya’ll.” I knew for sure when you had Whataburger lol

    • Bailey Dawbin

      What a beautiful bird!! I'm 18 at the moment and I've owned my budgies since I was quite young. It's outstanding how quickly these caiques can be tamed compared to budgies! You said earlier in one of your videos that your caique found it very hard to go 3 days without you- have you taken her with you when you travel overseas? I would love to have a bird like this when I've finished my studies but am worried that travelling will get in the way…

    • Amy Kallmerten

      Does Kiara go to the trashcan her own? or do you have to take her to the trash/toilet every 15 minutes to go?

    • Vytenis

      Watched whole video with my parrot on my shoulder 😀

    • Jack

      Im glad you are a good bird owner! 🙂 People get them all the time and they don't get treated right and whatnot! .. Kiara is such a beautiful parrot!

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